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New Handguns – Day Three

by J. Scott Rupp   |  May 10th, 2012 3

Day 3 was loaded with SIGs, which is always a good thing. Got to shoot the new P224, which graces the current Handguns cover. Now here’s the best of the rest.

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SIG 1911 Fastback Nightmare

Handguns' Bart Skelton puts the SIG 1911 Fastback Nightmare through its paces.

  • dale a.

    may have been a nightmare for the engineers but looks like a dream to me.

  • Shadow

    I wish Sig would've gone with the internal extractor over a external on their 1911's. Other than that it looks nice.

  • pete

    Intersting that you mention the extractor. I own 2 Sig's and the p-220 extractor failed with the first magazine. I had to send it back to Sig and got it back within 3 weeks.

    They said they fired the gun 25x. I have taken my gun to the range and so far so good! Too bad the new gun I bought wasn't new when I got it back!

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