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First Look: Taurus M1911SS-9

by J. Scott Rupp   |  July 20th, 2011 22
Taurus Model 1911SS-9

The Model 1911SS-9 is a feature-packed 9mm 1911.

Taurus is coming on like gangbusters in the 21st century firearms field, aggressively creating new guns for the U.S. market, and new for this centennial year of the 1911 is the Model 1911SS-9—the company’s 11th version of this iconic design. It’s a lot of gun for the money.

The forged steel frame and slide is clothed in subdued stainless steel with wide and deep fore and aft slide serrations. The slide is crowned with low profile, black Novak, white three-dot fixed sights that can be removed and replaced or drifted for windage.

The ejection port is enlarged, flared and lowered. The pistol’s two-lug stainless barrel features a polished, fully supported ramp and is slightly belled at the muzzle for a snug bushing fit. It has hammered-forged rifling with a 1:16-inch twist and 6 grooves. It has a Series 80 firing pin safety and an enlarged internal extractor increases reliability. Firing pin and extractor can be removed in the traditional manner.

Taurus Model 1911SS-9 features

The 1911SS-9 has a three-hole trigger, oversize controls and the Taurus Security System to prevent unauthorized access.

Its frame features ambidextrous gas pedal safeties that are melted into the receiver. The Commander-style hammer contains the firm’s key-operated security system that renders the action inoperable. An enhanced, humpback beavertail grip safety also disables the action if not fully depressed and facilitates a very high grip. In addition, the pistol features a hammer half cock intercept notch prevents the hammer from contacting the firing pin if the trigger has not been compressed.

Below the beavertail is a flat mainspring housing that boasts 30 lpi checkering, and the magazine well is slightly beveled. The handsome double-diamond grips are black plastic and are locked into place by Allen head screws.

The Model 1911SS-9’s more prominent magazine release button is just right for me, and I can jettison a magazine without relinquishing my firing grip. Its slide release or lock is also slightly oversize. The medium-length ventilated metal trigger is adjustable for overtravel, and the initial pull weight ranged between five and 5.5 pounds. However, after extended shooting the trigger dropped to 4.75 pounds.

Overall, the almost 40-ounce 1911 appears to be an ideal contender for IDPA Enhanced Service Pistol and USPA/IPSC Double Stack divisions.

Fast Specs: Taurus Model 1911SS-9

  • Caliber: 9mm Luger
  • Capacity: 9+1 (11+ 1 optional)
  • OAL/Width/Height: 7.87/1.5/5.45 in.
  • Barrel: 5 in., 6-groove 1:16 twist
  • Weight: 38.4 ozs.
  • Trigger: SA, 5- to 5.5-lb. pull
  • Construction: hammer-forged stainless steel frame and slide
  • Grips: black double-diamond plastic
  • Sights: fixed, dovetailed Novak
  • Price: $780
  • Manufacturer: Taurus USA


firing Taurus M1911SS-9

Tested at 15 yards from a hand-held rest. Average of five five-shot groups.

Smallest average: Winchester 115-gr. JHP—1.21 in.
Largest average: Corbon Pow’R Ball—1.80 in.
Average of all ammo tested: 1.58 in.

Average accuracy: 1.58 in.

Editor’s Note: The full text of this article by Bob Pilgrim, along with complete accuracy tests and specifications, is scheduled for a future issue of Handguns magazine.

  • BILL

    Taurus makes some nice guns!! I just cant see spending

    $800 for 9 MM. 45 now your talking.

  • another Bill

    I can afford to shoot this twice as often as my Para .45. Looks compelling to me.

  • steve


  • James

    I love the design as well,cant go wrong in 1911.However if one were to carry and have the size weight and still hold only 9rds,I'm thinking the opt is to the .45.Go one more step and wide body/double stack to 13 rds at least.Sticking to my Browning Hi-Power..And soon going to try .38 super with a Taurus 1911,9rds but there you have the power and ballistics compareable to .357 mag.

  • joseph

    i have a pt1911 in .45acp. taurus needs to make one in 10mm

  • richard

    I bought this pistol to train on the 1911 platform and eventually move to ESP class in IDPA. After about 400 rounds through it, the gun has performed well, but not without some footnotes. It doesn't like light loads. Taurus says to use 124 gr loads going over 1200 fps, and they mean it. Mine had lock back and ejection problems with light 115gr loads.

    The thumb safety could be more crisp and the grip safety is bit stiff. One the plus side, it's a fine shooter with a decent trigger and is loaded with all the nice features listed in the article. Fit and finish are very good, and the gun field strips and assembles just fine. It's even an eye-catcher in stainless.

    These go for considerably less than MSRP from most retailers and are good value for a full size 1911.

  • Howard

    Have shot hundreds of rounds through my SS 45 acp Taurus 1911 and never have had a malfunction with any magazine! Right out of the box it was perfect. Accuracy is better than I am. Highly recommended.

  • larry priddy

    i wont buy any thing with taurus name anymore until they learn to respond to on problems with their products!!brother bought a judge 410/45 , it would not fire the long colt 45 ammo. cylinder would not rotate! he tried several times to contact them; they Never Got Back .. we both collect guns;;too bad for taurus..!!!

    • hank

      i agree..i have a .357 that does the same thing and after calling/writing them. they said to send it in. i got back a badly filed gun.

  • TombstoneLizard

    Sorry guys, lost me at the 9mm. .45 or nothing in a 1911 frame.

  • Will Satmary

    Will the Taurus 1911 accept aftermarket 1911 parts like magazines and barrels?

    • Howard

      I have two Chip McCormic mags-a blued 8 round and a stainless 10 round-both function perfectly with the PT 1911.

  • Chet Herron

    As already stated, light loads can be a problem. I have found that if your loads are close to minimum PF, the gun performs as it's supposed to.

    I bought a couple MecGar SS 9 rnd mags that work just fine.

    I am a little suspect of the gun's accuracy. Also the rear sight dovetail wasn't cut right. This forces me {and others} to push the rear sight far left.

    Unless you have to have the extra bells and whistles, I would look elsewhere.

  • crowbar

    gave up on taurus after two new in box guns failed in me in less than 50 rounds. Taurus slim 9mm trigger spring broke on 5th shot. Tcp .380 slide locked back after every shot.

  • Tony

    Love my .380 LCP I would prefer a .45 in a1911 However may try this 9MM Looks great and I love Taurus

  • joe

    sorry guys, don't know about the 1911 model, but Taurus' PT145 pro 45 cal. is wicked! I've fired well over 500 rounds, no problem not bad recoil at all and very acurrate with 10+1 rds.

  • Bruce Kimber

    I have a ss 1911 that I have fired around 3000 rounds through and have had exactly 0 failures. These are almost all my own hand loads and the only time I've had a problem it has been my fault. I use the gun in pin matches and a few ipsc style shoots. I'm very satisfied with my pistol.

  • Kenneth

    I've got two Taurus 1911's a 38 super and 45 w/rail. They're both blued and I've got my eye on a SS 9mm. These are great guns which are pretty damn accurate, so long as you do your part. I own other 1911 as well and among them only my Sig stands out as a "better" gun, but it cost about the same as the two taurus. Oh and you can get 10 rds in the stock mags for the 38super no problem and it even says 10 rds on the box, so I'm wondering if its the same with the 9mm? Anyone out there with a Taurus PT 1911 9mm, how about it? ( or 10 rds?

  • old vet

    Have a PT1911, great pistol love it. Takes any commercial or GI mag out there with no problem. Also looks sexy with a set of rosewood grips. Also have a PT709slim. Different story, POS safety broke off right away is MIM casting, and not a good one. Who needs a safety on what is basically a Glock type trigger anyway. Couple of small splits in polymer frame on right side of frame (do not affect function). By the way it DOES function quite well.

  • Henry

    where do get 38 super ammunition for my PT 1911 AR

  • Joan t

    My 357 Taurus blow up in my hands. They suck !

  • Dan

    Taurus should close there doors. They make
    Cheap guns and use cheap metal. I know, I worked
    There for 6 years. I heard my Forman say once.
    So big deal if someone lost a finger on a gun we make.
    Go look on line and put in Taurus blows up.
    Please, don't buy a gun from them.

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