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First Look: Springfield Armory 9mm XD-S 4.0″

by Handguns Online Staff   |  January 13th, 2014 7

The Springfield Armory 9mm XD-S 4.0″ was announced at the 2014 SHOT Show as the newest addition to Springfield’s line of XD-S pistols.

The 4.0″ includes all the features we’ve become familiar with in the original XD-S 3.3″ platform—the only major difference being a 4-inch barrel, compared to the 3.3-inch found on other XD-S pistols.

Initially offered in 9mm, the 4.0″ uses the same 7- and 9-round magazines as the 3.3″ models. It also uses the same ambidextrous magazine release, accessory rail, fiber optic front sight and interchangeable backstraps as the original XD-S.

The new 4.0″ comes outfitted with Springfield’s post-recall grip safety upgrade, which includes a visible roll pin in the grip safety assembly.

Available in early 2014, the 9mm XD-S 4.0″ comes packed in a hard plastic carrying case with a 7- and 9-round magazine, paddle holster and magazine pouch, additional backstrap and fiber optic sight inserts and an action lock.

The 9mm XD-S 4.0″ with black melonite finish comes to market at $599.

Check out our exclusive photos and video of the new Springfield Armory 9mm XD-S 4.0″.

  • Bob

    No thanks.

  • BJC

    I really like the XD’s but this is nothing new, I had a Beretta mini cougar it’s basically the same idea.

  • Recondea

    what you now putting 7 or 9 round in a handgun because the government tells you what to do now. for real stand up for your rights.

    • bauer

      No…7-9 rounds so that they can keep it single stack mags, so the grip is significantly narrowed. Its a compact pistol, for concealment tou can still get the standard xdm 9mm with 19 round double stacked mags, no where as easy to conceal.

  • Recondea

    that the way N.Y.C. did it slowly with small rounds and then later take away your guns.

  • Daryl

    I am very disappointed with my 3.3 XDS that I received after the Springfield recall. The trigger feels like I’m pulling a tractor. Springfield should have redisigned a new pistol without this trigger and lowered the price $150. Nothing new here, just .7 inch longer barrel.

  • fsilber

    It is easy for a tailor to deepen a pocket to hold the longer slide. This will give you a pocket pistol with service-pistol power and control.

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