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Introducing The Taurus Judge “Public Defender”

September 24th, 2010 2

Capable of chambering either .410 shotgun shells or .45 Colt ammunition, this amazing 5-shot combo gun is ideal for short distances.

MIAMI–Taurus introduces its newest Judge–the scaled-down Model 4510 “Public Defender.” This Judge delivers the same devastating firepower in a new, more compact version based on the famous Model 85-sized frame that is sure to revolutionize small frame revolvers. The Public Defender also features a new reduced profile hammer that will not catch or snag for a quick and reliable draw.

Capable of chambering either .410 shotgun shells or .45 Colt ammunition, this amazing 5-shot combo gun is ideal for short distances–where most altercations occur–or longer distances with the .45 Colt ammunition. The rifling has been finely tuned on this small frame revolver to spread the shot pattern at close quarters or to guide the bullet to the target.

The Public Defender is available in three finishes–matte stainless, blue steel or blue steel frame with lightweight titanium cylinder. All Taurus Judge models include fixed rear sights and fiber optic front sights as well as Taurus’ ergonomic Ribber Grips. Additionally, like all Taurus handguns, the unique Taurus Security System allows users to securely lock the gun using an inconspicuous key-lock.

  • james

    This is a great gun for closeup protection with 2 " barrel, judges with longer barrels accurate at further distances. Accuracy shooting w/2" barrel … buckshot shells at 8-12 feet, slugs at 30 ft. and 45 shell at about 50 ft then 410 shells spread way out and the 45 shell wonders considerably due to the groves in barrel.

    For close self defense this the gun is for the person without much shooting practice. With 410 buckshot at close range this will be a contributing factor to change any hijacker or intruder to keep coming. The 3 ball slug at the ranges mentioned can be lethel or at least very debilitating. The 45 shell goes in like a dime and could be the size of a half dollar coming out depending on the brand used and configeration. Dead is the word.
    The snubed down hammer thumb piece on mine I am not particularly happy with, is very difficult to pull back. A fool thumb piece is best.
    The cheapest holster I found was a Crossman holster sold at Walmart for Less than $8.00 dollars which was decent quality and fit well. Saved some dollars.

  • Will

    Seems like a cool gun, but I prefer the stainless version. Check out these grips. for wood public defender grips. Here’s a pic from the website.

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