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Cabela’s 50th Anniversary Ruger Single-Six

by Stan Trzoniec   |  September 30th, 2011 3

To celebrate Cabela’s 50th anniversary, the company has partnered with Ruger to bring out a special-edition Ruger Single-Six. It sells for $550.

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revolver and case

Ruger's Single-Six single-action rimfire dates to 1953; 90 guns were shipped that year. 10 years later, two years after Cabela's was founded, Ruger was shipping 200,000.

  • Will Carry

    Everyone should have a Single Six. It will shoot any kind of 22LR ammo without any issues. I have two and they are my "go to" guns for teaching beginners and just plain plinking.

    • Sixer

      It'll also shoot .22 short and long. If you want to keep noise to a minimum, shorts are very useful (and can still take a chunk the size of a quarter out of the far side of a 3/4 " pine blank).

  • Bob

    Do you know where i can buy a hammer spring for my Knuckle Duster,

    32 cal.

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