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11 Bargain Handguns to Buy for Your Dad

by Dylan Polk   |  May 21st, 2013 15

If you’re anything like us, you want to show your dad just how much you care this Father’s Day, and what better way to tell your favorite shootist, “Thanks for everything,” than with a brand new handgun?

We know times are tough and money may be a bit tight, seemingly making an addition to your father’s collection a bit out of reach. However, there are a few options out there that your father will want to take down to the range right away, and won’t put you in the poorhouse.

Tell us why your dad is the ultimate sportsman for a chance to win a $2,500 Cabela’s Gift Card and other prizes. You’ll receive a promo code for $20 off your next $150 purchase just for entering.

  • dwpittelli

    I think most adults’ dads are old enough to want an “old school” choice, like a .38 or .44 special revolver. Or an automatic that isn’t made of plastic.

    • Cranky Steven

      Don’t mock my Glock! lol, actually it’s my wife’s. I would prefer a slab side .45 or a 9mm revolver.

    • Tracy Simeone

      Speak for your self, I became a Gran-dad at 39 (I’m posting on Grandma’s time line) my wife was 38 when she hit “Grandmother-hood” My oldest son is almost as young as me. Have a Merry Christmas, and remember us young Dads and younger Grand-dads like the semi-autos with lots of ammo to burn!!!!!

      • dwpittelli

        I don’t doubt that many like automatics. And maybe I am wrong even that “most” (51%+) adults over 40 would prefer a revolver. But 11 out of 11 being semiautomatics — that does not make sense.

  • Klingon00

    I wouldn’t classify most of these as bargains at the prices quoted, nor particularly inexpensive for a handgun for those at $600+. But perhaps my definition of “Bargain” is different. The list is good though as most dads wouldn’t turn down any of these as a gift but good luck finding a S&W Shield in this market. If you are looking for inexpensive but still decent quality, I would add surplus Makarov pistols and the S&W Sigma to this list.

  • Julio Torres

    I would take into consideration Dad’s familiarity with firearms and consider some wheel guns as possible options. Or, a wheel gun might be the change of venue yr dad needs to shake things up. Nothing thrills like a large caliber weapon. If dad is. Gun enthusiast you may want to consider a form of hobby gun… Period weapon perhaps, depending on his preferences…antique ww1 or 2…..wild west single action 45 colt….options abound. All that I have mentioned above cn be had for under 500 bucks….

  • John C Sell Jr

    I’m not sure I would call any of these bargains necessarily, especially the Shield, because of the current market conditions. I do think you can get some deals on used arms, especially if they aren’t main stream. Also, there is a certain company (that I won’t mention because the name seems to stir much controversy) that is importing things like TT-33s and M57s in 7.62X25 or the M70A in 9mm. Those can be hand for well under $300 bucks. (Yes 7.62X25 ammo is a little less available than it once was but it can be had, reasonably, just remember it is probably corrosive and you need to clean your gun very well after shooting.) Same goes for rifles in 7.62X54R and a few others.

  • glasswolf

    Buy a gun for your father? Enjoy making an illegal “straw purchase” and spending a few years in a Federal Prison!

    • Sal

      Don’t see any issue here if you buy it in your own name, then legally transfer ownership to your father, as long as you both can legally own guns and follow the proper procedure for a person to person sale in your state.

    • ddtn

      Yes. An illegal straw purchase is not allowed. However, if it is a legal straw purchase, you are fine.

  • Sig_Sauer

    I told my kids that dad would really like any .45 from Wilson Combat or Sig P226 Tactical, they laughed and handed me a funny Card.

  • Tracy Simeone

    Ruger SR .45 please, I’ll take two one for during the week, and the other for Church.
    I hope Santa is reading this.

  • Bill

    Just keep it to yourself uf i wanted to buy my father a handgun it would be none of your damn business, keep your loud mouth opinionated ass out of others business

  • Eric

    Get a life glasswolf…

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