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Review: Desert Eagle L5 .357

by Brad Fitzpatrick

The new Desert Eagle L5 .357 Magnum bears the unmistakable profile of its predecessors in a leaner, lighter package.


Review: Springfield EMP4 CCC

by James Tarr

Springfield’s new EMP 4 Concealed Carry Contour version is the carry 1911 you’ve been waiting for.


2017 Holster Guide

by Brad Fitzpatrick

Great new holsters (and belts) for street, range and more.


Kimber Micro 9

by Brad Fitzpatrick

Kimber’s new Micro 9 strikes a balance between the portability of a compact and big-gun effectiveness.


Ruger Mark IV .22

by James Tarr

Unlike its beloved predecessors, Ruger’s new Mark IV .22 pistol is a breeze to disassemble.


Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0

by Patrick Sweeney

Smith & Wesson’s M& P pistols are considered by many to be best in class, and now they’re even better with the new 2.0 version.


Blackhawk Leather Holsters

by James Tarr

Now Blackhawk has gone old school and introduced a new line of leather holsters in its CQC holster line.

The Browning Home 12 is an example of smaller safes
with plenty of space and protection to store many if not all
of your handguns. It weighs 395 pounds.

Handgun Security 2017

by James Tarr

Products that will keep your handguns out of the wrong hands at home and on the road.

Scott Rupp - Rifle Shooter and Handguns Magazine

Handgun’s Favorite Fall Moment

by J. Scott Rupp

As a kid I watched hard for the mailman in midsummer, hoping every day he’d show up with the Cabela’s… more »


Review: DoubleStar PhD

by James Tarr

DoubleStar’s New PhD 1911 has much to commend it as a 1911 for defense-minded shooters.


Review: High Threat EVOlution

by James Tarr

A new user configurable holster from High Threat Concealment.


Review: CZ Urban Grey

by Patrick Sweeney

The CZ’S Urban Grey Lineup takes some already great pistols to a whole new level and they are suppressor ready right out of the box.


Sometimes the best things come in small packages.

by J. Scott Rupp

Significant examples of the variety of pocket pistols and revolvers you can find in gun stores today.


Handguns 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

by Brad Fitzpatrick

After a record year of gun sales that saw many Americans purchasing their first firearm ever there’s a good chance… more »


Smith & Wesson’s Ported M&P Shield in 9mm and .40

by Joseph von Benedikt

Smith & Wesson’s new version of the incredibly popular M&P Shield pistol offers three improvements on the existing model. The… more »


Remington Timeline: 2011 – R1 Pistol Is Introduced

by Handguns Online Staff

Eliphalet Remington’s world initially revolved around flintlock rifles at the time, and while early versions of the basic semiautomatic platform… more »


Remington Timeline: 1918 – Model 51 Autoloading Pistol

by Handguns Online Staff

In 1913 John D. Pedersen began working on a new autoloading pocket pistol. He filed for a basic patent on… more »


Remington Timeline: 1858 – Beals Revolver

by Handguns Online Staff

In 1858 Beals invented and patented a spur-trigger, single-action, percussion revolver. The unique feature of this pistol was the manner… more »


Review: SIG Sauer Emperor Scorpion 1911

by Patrick Sweeney

There are a lot of things you don’t mess with in nature. One is the scorpion, and ranking among the… more »


6 Essential Elements of Concealed Carry

by Brad Fitzpatrick

Over the last decade, the number of individuals obtaining a concealed carry permit has skyrocketed, and that’s a good thing…. more »