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Review: Ruger SP101 Novak

by Patrick Sweeney

This is the 21st century—the age of polymer pistols and digital apps, of cars with more computing power than NASA… more »


Review: Walther PPQ M2 5-Inch

by Paul Scarlata

In 2011 Walther introduced the PPQ (Polizei Pistole Quick Defense). An update of the P99, the Walther PPQ featured a… more »


Firearms Training or Trends?

by Dave Spaulding

I often scratch my head at the current state of combative firearms training in the United States. In times past,… more »


First Look: Nighthawk/Korth Revolver Series

by Handguns Online Staff

At the 2016 NRA Show, Nighthawk Custom announced that it had teamed up with famed German gunmaker Korth to bring… more »


Dressing for Concealed Carry

by Richard Nance

It’s amazing to me how poorly many of my fellow police officers conceal their off-duty gun. It’s as though they… more »


Skill Drills: Mad Half Minute

by Dave Spaulding

The Mad Half Minute drill is the creation of Special Forces veteran Mike Pannone of CTT Solutions and is designed to… more »


Review: Smith and Wesson Model 66 Combat Magnum

by Joseph von Benedikt

In his 1977 book History of Smith & Wesson—considered by many to be the definitive work on the company—Roy Jinks… more »


Ed Brown Special Forces Carry 1911 Review

by James Tarr

I recently examined reproductions of John Browning’s patent application drawings for what ultimately became the 1911 and was reminded that… more »


Review: Lionheart LH9 MKII

by Jim Grant

Impressed with the German Walther P38s encountered during the Second World War, military thinkers were already leaning towards the trend… more »


Smith & Wesson M&P Bodyguard 380 Review

by James Tarr

The Smith & Wesson Bodyguard 380 was introduced a few years ago in tandem with the Bodyguard .38 revolver. The… more »


Problems with a Truck Gun

by Walt Rauch

A truck gun can be practical when you must travel in and out of jurisdictions where concealed carry is prohibited… more »


15 in 10 Drill

by Dave Spaulding

Created by former Special Forces veteran Mike Pannone of CTT Solutions, the 15 in 10 Drill tests a shooter’s ability to… more »


Liberty Ammo Civil Defense Review

by Patrick Sweeney

When we make some advancement in technology, engineering or mathematics, the natural reaction is to run wild with it and… more »


Diamondback DB FS Nine Review

by Paul Scarlata

It seems that shooters worldwide have an appreciation for polymer-frame pistols, and regardless of how many models are on the… more »


Review: Remington RM380

by James Tarr

Sales of pocket pistols continue to be healthy because the concealed carry movement is getting stronger as more and more… more »


SIG Sauer P320 Review

by James Tarr

The announcement of the SIG Sauer P320, ironically was what made me realize that—in an era where everybody is jumping on… more »


17 Premier Gun Holsters to Consider

by Brad Fitzpatrick

Gun holsters come in all different shapes, sizes and designs. Some gun holsters are more suited for different scenarios than… more »


First Look: CrossBreed Ankle Holster

by Handguns Online Staff

For concealed carry fans looking for a deep concealment option, CrossBreed Holsters has introduced its newly redesigned Ankle Holster. The popular… more »


10 Great Concealed Carry Guns for 2016

by Brad Fitzpatrick

Think the market for concealed carry guns is dying? Think again. Since 2007, the number of CCW permit holders has more… more »


8 Best Revolvers

by Jim Grant

Despite the seemingly endless stream of polymer-framed automatics flooding the market over the last decade, the classic wheelgun remains. Known… more »