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Great Accessories For The Army’s New Baby: The SIG P320

by James Tarr

There is no shortage of essential upgrades available for the SIG P320 and with more to come.


Review: Kimber K6s DCR

by Patrick Sweeney

The iconic 1911 maker rolls into the revolver business with their K6sS DCR.


Magazine Maintenance – The Heart of Your Semiautomatic Needs Your Attention

by Handguns Online Staff

Normal wear and tear can turn your handgun into a slow one-shooter.


Review: Wilson Combat EDC X9

by Patrick Sweeney

Wilson Combat’s new EDC X9 represents the Holy Grail for 1911 fans: a high-capacity gun with all the right proportions.


Ruger New Model Blackhawk Hunter

by J. Scott Rupp

The Hunter Model is offered in .44 Magnum and a Davidson’s Gallery of Guns exclusive chambered to .41 Magnum.


Pearl Heart’s Revolver

by Handguns Online Staff

Pearl Hart was your average Arizona citizen—who just happened to like to hold up stagecoaches.


Ed Brown Signature Edition

by Stan Trzoniec

Fans of the 1911 will love the Ed Brown Signature Edition .45 1911


Dan Wesson Pistol Pack

by Stan Trzoniec

Looking back at the revolver that came with multiple barrels in various lengths.

Tarr likes Trijicon’s XR setup, which features a wide U-notch rear with plain tritium inserts and a large brightly colored circle around a tritium insert in the front sight.

Sights That Do Double Duty Are The Way To Go

by James Tarr

It only makes sense to put the “best” sights on your handgun.


The Ruger Security-Six Was and Is a Workhorse Revolver

by Stan Trzoniec

More than 1.2 million Security-Sixes were sold by the time it was discontinued in the mid-1980s.


Surefire’s XC1 Takes Flashlight Technology to New Levels

by James Tarr

SureFire is calling the XC1 an ultra-compact LED pistol light. It is designed to mount on the rail of a handgun.

This Ethan Allen derringer is the smallest cartridge handgun ever made. It fired a blackpowder loading of the .22 Short.

Ethan Allen .22 Short

by Handguns Online Staff

Ethan Allen .22 Short, the smallest handgun ever made.


Review: Remington R1 10 MM Hunter

by Handguns Online Staff

A detailed review of the Remington R1 10 MM Hunter M1911 handgun.


Train For Pain

by Richard Nance

Overcoming injury in a deadly force encounter is a matter of mental and physical preparation.


Review: Remington RP9

by James Tarr

Remington enters the striker-fired pistol market with the full-size RP9.


Product Review: Ruger American Pistol Compact

by Handguns TV

Handguns & Defensive Weapons TV looks at the compact version of the Ruger American Pistol.


Plinking With Purpose

by Handguns TV

Is your shooting practice just boring or do make it productive?


Gorilla Ammunition’s Silverback line

by Patrick Sweeney

Silverback Ammo features a high-end copper bullet.


Personal Defense: Being Street Smart

by Richard Nance

What cops have learned in everyday dealings with criminals can help you stay safe.


SIG Sauer P320 Public Service Announcement

by Handguns Online Staff

A G&A report and details about the P320® Voluntary Upgrade Program.