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VOTE: Handguns & Defensive Weapons for 2014 Sportsman Choice Awards

by Handguns Online Staff   |  November 11th, 2014 0

HDDW5The Sportsman Channel is continuing to recognize the best programs in outdoor television with its annual Sportsman Choice Awards — now in its 10th year. VOTE HERE

Handguns and Defensive Weapons TV, having debuted on June 30, 2014, is looking to win its first Sportsman Choice Award this year. The show is nominated for four different awards, including best shooting show and best new series. 


Handguns & Defensive Weapons TV Premieres on Sportsman Channel

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Handguns & Defensive Weapons TV features both a handgun and long gun segment in each episode covering a variety of basics and advanced tactical techniques. The latest guns and gear are also reviewed on the show, and every episode concludes with a competition portion where the hosts take on each other and their guests for bragging rights.


The hosts, Richard Nance and James Tarr, are frequent contributors to Handguns magazine and are well-established in the fields of shooting and personal defense. Richard Nance is a veteran police officer, firearms instructor, defensive tactics instructor, former SWAT team leader and the co-owner of WARTAC, a company that provides training in firearms, tactics and personal defense. James Tarr is a former police officer and private investigator, a Grand Master in USPSA and a competitor in IDPA and 3-gun matches.

In total, Handguns & Defensive Weapons TV is nominated for four Sportsman Choice Awards in 2014. VOTE HERE for the following categories:

  • Best Shooting Show
  • Best Educational/Instructional Show
  • Best New Series
  • Best Host: Richard Nance & James Tarr

From all of us here at Handguns, we appreciate your continued support.


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