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Vendor Shoots Own Hand at Tennessee Gun Show

by Handguns Online Staff   |  January 30th, 2012 17

The vendor was attempting to show a customer his Kimber, like this Custom II 1911, when the he accidentally shot himself in the hand after failing to properly clear and check the sidearm.

A vendor at the Knoxville Gun & Knife show will have a permanent and painful reminder — a gunshot wound to the hand — of what can happen when you don’t practice safe gun handling.

According to, Bill Adams, 44, was attempting to show his personal sidearm — a Kimber .45ACP semi-auto — to a customer and after removing the gun’s magazine, didn’t clear and check the chamber for a round, which housed one.

The weapon discharged, hitting Adams in the hand, who was later taken to a nearby hospital with non life-threatening injuries.

Police are still investigating the incident.

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