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Ruger Suspends New Orders

by J. Scott Rupp   |  March 23rd, 2012 17

Ruger pistolOkay, if you haven’t already heard this, due to huge demand Ruger has temporarily stopped accepting new orders. The company’s retailer programs that were offered beginning the first of the year were so successful that through Feb. 29 the firm had received orders for more than a million firearms.

Ruger went right to work to increase production, but the pace of incoming orders exceeded their capacity to fill them. CEO Michael Fifer said the company expects to resume normal acceptance of orders by the end of May. In short, if there’s a Ruger you want and it’s on the shelf of your local gun store, you’d better go get it.

  • Larry Deuane Grey

    I had the SR40C, I picked it up as a firearm my girlfriend could carry. Well, she broke her Left arm and can not cycle the slide. So in short, I traded it in for a RUGER GP-100 .357 MAG. I think RUGER makes some of the finest firearms her in the good ol USA. I own several of their finest and will continue to as long as I can. I WANT the SR-1911, and I am on the list. If you want a fine firearm that will not break the bank, might I suggest the RUGER line?

  • Jim WHitten

    i agree i have a ruger P89 9mm and a ruger SR9C 9mm and just bought a Ruger SR40C and i am thinking about putting a Laser on the Ruger SR40 C.

  • Kasinathan Kengaiah

    Why does a man need more than a gun?
    I am a Malaysian and naturally I wouldn't understand this craze.
    It's virtually impossible to get a gun licence unless one is a big shot in Malaysia. But I like reading about them.

    • Ace

      Well, we have two hands, so we need at least two guns. ;) But seriously, different guns serve different purposes. We don't carry a rifle for protection when walking down the street and we don't go hunting big game with a small .22 caliber revolver.

    • Ace54

      Unfortunately, the hardworking, law abiding citizens in Malaysia, are being denied the God giveaways right to not only defend themselves, but also to defend themselves against an oppressive, government. That's not to say that the Government of Malaysia is oppressive to it's people at this time (but I wouldn't know since I'm not from there, but if it happens, one could stand up and tak
      e back their country from their oppressors……Amen!

  • chuck

    The goverment right HERE is oppressive! I sincerely pray we will be released from the govt. oppression without mayhem..we'll see.

    • Kirk Bruner

      Oligarchy will not give up without a fight. The federal government has been supplying urban police forces with assault vehicles and heavy weaponry for ten years. Quietly, but not secretly. You needn't worry about socialism or theocracy, since they go broke. The oligarchy in America has the backing of the big banks. THEY have the big guns. Weapons you can buy from a legitimate gun store will be useless. In fact, weapons YOU can buy ANYWHERE will be useless. The oligarchy has far more than the guns, tanks, etc. They have money unending. There is only one way to stop them. Forget the name of your political party and NEVER vote for an incumbent again. Vote for someone you never heard of. The disruption that follows will only be felt by the scum that have taken over our country. It's up to regular Americans, acting like VOTERS to get rid of them. It will take decades. THIS is what the founding fathers warned us about.

  • Steven

    Good for it's Business,very Nice!

  • Dan

    It's good they're doing this. I had been on waiting list for SR1911 since shortly after they came out last year (introduced April). JUST got it last saturday (3-24-12). Manufactorers date was 2-24-12. They need to catch up!! Now that I have it I love it! I also have a P85 9mm (Ruger's first semi-auto), a New Model Blackhawk .44 mag with a 10.5" barrell and a LC9. LOVE my Rugers!!!

  • 1gun2many

    Glad I got my SR1911 in December. I wanted a 2011 mfg date given the anniversary. These guns have been incredibly difficult to get. Better that Ruger stop taking orders and let people know than to take the order and not deliver for a year. My gun left the factory on the 20th. I had it on the 23rd. It was worth the wait. Good luck to all.

  • inkymp

    in canada, your friendly neighbors to the north, one can't defend one life with a firearm , in fact if you own a firearm and don't have a federal possession license , you will be prosecuted, the great canadian democracy

  • Torn

    I heard that Kel-Tec was also back ordered on new guns, anybody else heard this?

  • ramosdavo

    Question….is the slide on the sr40 supposed to close on its own when a full magazine is slammed in?

  • Deliriously Astute Nguyen

    waiting for my local shop to get in that sr22 pistol

  • fuzzyjon79

    I've noticed the same thing about Glock. You can hardly find a Gen 4 around here (Nashville) right now.

  • Terry Marincic

    I purchased the LCP.380 and a LC9, to add to my collection of 6 other Rugers. Great guns! Looking for a SR22 but can't find one. Love all my Rugers!

  • Jeff

    I believe I got lucky and got the last Mark III 22/45 in stock at my local Gander mtn. (they are officially on back order now on their site).
    Id love to pick up an SR9 or SR40 before they get snatched up.

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