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Pocket Gun Guide

by J. Scott Rupp 0

Significant examples of the variety of pocket pistols and revolvers you can find in gun stores today.


Diamondback DB FS Nine Review

by Paul Scarlata 0

It seems that shooters worldwide have an appreciation for polymer-frame pistols, and regardless of how many models are on the… more »


Review: Remington RM380

by James Tarr 0

Sales of pocket pistols continue to be healthy because the concealed carry movement is getting stronger as more and more… more »


SIG Sauer P320 Review

by James Tarr 0

The announcement of the SIG Sauer P320, ironically was what made me realize that—in an era where everybody is jumping on… more »


10 Great Concealed Carry Guns for 2016

by Brad Fitzpatrick 0

Think the market for concealed carry guns is dying? Think again. Since 2007, the number of CCW permit holders has more… more »


8 Best Revolvers

by Jim Grant 0

Despite the seemingly endless stream of polymer-framed automatics flooding the market over the last decade, the classic wheelgun remains. Known… more »


First Look: Nighthawk Custom Hi Power

by Evan Brune 0

Nighthawk Custom, known for its work in custom 1911s, decided to add another classic John Browning design to its lineup: the… more »


First Look: Springfield EMP 4-inch

by Evan Brune 4

New for 2016, Springfield Armory introduced an upgraded version of the EMP. An extended length and height make the new EMP… more »


First Look: Springfield Range Officer Operator

by Evan Brune 0

In response to customer demand, Springfield Armory introduced a new member of the Range Officer family for 2016: the Operator. Like… more »


First Look: Smith & Wesson SW22 Victory

by Evan Brune 11

Smith & Wesson Corp. announced the introduction of the company’s next generation target pistol with the unveiling of the SW22… more »

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