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6 Reasons To Buy A Training Gun

by Brad Fitzpatrick 0

If you shoot large-caliber firearms often enough and you have a properly functioning nervous system, then you’re going to flinch. But… more »


Robar NP3 Plating Review

by David Kenik 0

Wandering the isles of the SHOT Show, I came across Robar’s booth. They displayed various offerings including custom rifle and… more »


Ruger 9E Review

by James Tarr 0

The SR9 was introduced at the start of what I’ll call Ruger’s “modern era,” when the company began introducing smaller,… more »


Ed Brown Special Forces Bronze Review

by Patrick Sweeney 0

Never have we had such an embarrassment of riches as today. Even the average custom gunsmith or 1911 builder of… more »


8 Great New Carry Guns for 2015

by Handguns Online Staff 2

Each year we see firearm manufacturers doing more with less. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the market for concealed… more »


First Look: Kimber Stainless Micro Raptor .380 Pistol

by Handguns Online Staff 3

Kimber introduced a huge new lineup of handguns during the 2015 SHOT Show, and one of the most striking is the… more »


Springfield Armory Introduces New Marine Corps (MC) Operator 1911

by Handguns Online Staff 7

Springfield Armory has introduced a new tactical model of its 1911 Operator pistol during the 2015 SHOT Show. The new Marine Corps… more »


SIG Sauer P320 Goes Subcompact

by Handguns Online Staff 2

SIG Sauer is expanding on its P320 line of pistols with the introduction of a .45-caliber version, a subcompact model… more »


STI Nitro 10mm 1911 Review

by Paul Scarlata 2

As with most things mechanical, despite the 1911’s sterling reputation, down through the years there have been those who have… more »


Best Self-Defense Revolvers Available Today

by Joseph von Benedikt 23

Although semiautos are the flavor of the day for personal protection, revolvers still have some very real advantages. 1. Since revolvers… more »

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