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Personal Defense TV: Jessie Duff’s Tips for Maximizing Range Time

by Personal Defense TV 2

All too often folks go to the range without a plan in mind and end up wasting precious time and… more »


Personal Defense TV: .410 Revolver Tactics

by Personal Defense TV 1

Carrying a revolver such as the Smith & Wesson Governor or Taurus Judge has become a popular choice among many… more »


Personal Defense TV: How to Become a Moving Target

by Personal Defense TV 0

Become a moving target is as easy as fast footwork and quick reflexes, right? It’s not always that easy. Contrary to… more »


Best New Carry Guns for 2014

by Handguns Online Staff 4

With the expansion of right-to-carry laws across the country, gun owners are focusing on smaller, lighter pistols for personal protection…. more »


Personal Defense TV: Sport vs. Street Tactics

by Personal Defense TV 1

Many shooters use competition to enhance their skills in self-defense scenarios. While both disciplines of shooting have correlating similarities, defensive situations… more »


5 Best Concealed Carry Drills

by Brad Fitzpatrick 4

Millions of Americans exercise their right to legally carry a concealed firearm for defense, but simply having a gun in… more »


Hornady Critical Duty .45 Auto +P Review

by Patrick Sweeney 11

It never fails. Make an improved load of any caliber, and the first question you’ll get will be “When will… more »


Make Ready: Staging Your Pistol for Fast Deployment

by Richard Nance 0

When faced with a potential deadly threat, your handgun belongs in your hand, not in your holster, and it’s important… more »


How Dry-Fire Practice Can Make You a Better Shooter

by Walt Rauch 7

Mention “dry-fire” as a must-do part of any defensive firearms training and you can almost hear a listener’s brain turning… more »


7 ‘Innovative’ Handgun Cartridges that Failed

by Patrick Sweeney 23

There’s something in the DNA of some gun guys, a genetic compulsion that they cannot resist: They have to tinker,… more »

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