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Solid to the Corps: The Springfield 1911 MC Operator

by James Tarr 7

There are watershed moments in history. Often they are not obvious until years, if not decades later, but sometimes the… more »


Skills Drills: 15 to the Third Drill

by Dave Spaulding 3

I created this drill to reinforce a number of combat-related shooting skills. The combination of speed and accuracy is the… more »


12 Great New Duty Holsters for 2014

by Brad Fitzpatrick 3

A quality duty holster is a necessity for law enforcement and those who carry outside the waistband (OWB). OWB holsters come in many… more »


Personal Defense TV: Shooting Through Glass

by Personal Defense TV 7

It’s a common misconception that bullets can pass through glass unimpeded. Specifically, the angle and tempering of automotive windshield glass… more »


Hot and Hemi: Les Baer Custom Hemi 572 Review

by G&A Staff 3

It’s not often that I wax rhapsodic about a 1911 pistol, but I’m about to make an exception for Les… more »


An Inside Look at FBI Handgun Training

by Brian McCombie 29

Last year, and without any fanfare, the Federal Bureau of Investigation made a major change in the agency’s handgun training regime…. more »


No Simple Matter: How Police Choose Pistols

by Brian McCombie 1

Law enforcement agencies make few decisions that impact the safety of their officers and the public more than the choice… more »


Wisconsin Concealed Carry Hits 100K Milestone

by Handguns Online Staff 5

After legalizing concealed carry nearly six months ago, the State of Wisconsin issued its 100,000th concealed carry permit Friday —… more »


The NYPD and the Kahr K-9: No Substitute for Training

by James Tarr 88

I read an article some time ago, but I still come back to it repeatedly. It provides what Rush Limbaugh… more »

firing the H&K HK45 LEM

Review: Heckler & Koch HK45 LEM

by Paul Scarlata 7

The new Heckler & Koch HK45 LEM is based on the firm’s USP pistol and was originally designed to meet… more »

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