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Springfield Armory XD vs XDm

by Handguns Online Staff   |  May 26th, 2011 42

Guns & Ammo’s Dick Metcalf discusses the differences between the Springfield Armory XD vs XDm pistols with Rob Leatham.

  • Jon

    I like the adjustable grip feature on the XD m and the grip texture. In a stressful situation you do not want the gun moving around in your hand. You want a firm grip for control and accuracy.

  • kemal huseyinoglu

    Both are wonderful guns. Excellent for professional use.

  • Dion Wood

    Awesome guns! Would even be nicer if they were made in AMERICA, not Croatia!

    • kemal huseyinoglu

      Those guns are made in Croatia with Springfield patent. Croatians have some unique gun models only made and engineered there. So this shows that they are very skillfull and virtious gunmakers. There are no joke in gun making. İf it does not work the owner will die. So every country pay a meticulous care and attention in his gun production.

      • Robert Moore

        Well said,it would still be the same if it was made in the US

    • James

      The gun was designed by Marko Vukovic of Croatia , so why would it be nicer if it was made in America? If the croatians designed it, they would know best. Made in America does not always equal quality, i.e. Kahrs.

    • marc


    • Redondo

      Well you just import croatian gun, so is not likely to be made in the US!!!

  • Jeff Davis

    The XD's are great and reliable pistols. It doesn't matter where ther're made !

    Where do you think most of your clothing is made ? Not in th U.S. But you still wear it.

    • AAMCSE

      Not really the same thing. Clothing usually isnt made to defend yourself. With that said, yes, it doesnt matter much where they are made. Taurus is made in Brazil and I love them. On the other hand, I wouldnt trust one made in China though.

      • chris

        GHess you've never been to Brazil… Taurus's rep has been getting better and better but mine was shit unfortunately. Sent it back and was told they "adjusted the barrel" and it still wouldn't last a 6 round mag without a malfunction. Wonder why I never learned how to adjust barrels on my armorer training in the military

  • Paul Robinson

    I own both 9mm's and a XD 45. My next purchase with be the XDM 45. They are both excellent guns and a great value.

    I found it interesting that neither of these guys mentioned the match grade barrel on the XDM, which to me, is one of the biggest changes and allows for greater accuracy.

    • eric

      also has match grade trigger

  • Monte Graham

    I have the XDM and I am VERY pleased with it. It is very comfortable and very accurate. I carry it everyday and I am very confident of the safety features it has. At least 1000 rounds with out a hiccup.

  • Allen

    The original XD .40 subcompact was my very first firearm purchase (2008, age 37) and is to this day, still my only auto. Only a .38 snub S&W revolver, 12 gauge Mossberg pump, and .22 youth rifle (for my daughters, now 10 & 12) have rounded-out my additions. For having never owned guns growing up, I felt the XD was the best "first gun" purchase I could make. I have never regretted the decision. I have learned much about the functionality and operation of the striker-fired design with my XD. Its safety features, to me, inspire confidence, even despite the lack of a traditional, manual thumb-safety. I have never held an XDm, but I have no doubt that it is an outstanding weapon.

  • Mike Hobbs

    I own three; XD45 Tactical w/ambidextrous safeties, XD45 Compact, XDm45. At tactical ranges, they are all just about equal. The Compact is very concealable. The advertised improvements on the XDm are very nice, but the XD45 Compact is still the carry piece. If the XDm came in a 3.8/4" 45 I might consider it. The 9mm is for those who sq …. never mind … "bigger bullets and more of 'em." That's the best solution … just saying ;-)

  • Mark B

    It don't matter what size of gun you are shooting. Carry the gun that you can hit the target the most with. I would rather have a 22 that i could shot a penny at 100 yards, than to a 45 that i could hit the barn with. Just saying!

  • jeff

    i have the XD-45 service pistol my wife has the XDm-40 with 3.8" barrel …

    very nice guns. both are easy to shoot very very reliable and very accurate. each one has good features so I cant say one is better than the other. They are both good. We will be adding an XD in 9mm to our collection soon….

  • Ruben

    My first gun was a Springfield XD-40 and I still love that gun. I've tried, shot and bought different guns but the simplicity and reliability of the Springfield is tough to beat. I agree that I think it's a great first gun, especially because of the great safety features and the ease of take-down. Shoots like a dream, also. I'm sure the XDM's are great but the XD is so good anyway that I haven't been tempted to buy an XDM.

  • Richard

    I like the XD better because the Stippling on the XDm is too much on my hand and created waffle impressions in my skin that did not feel good. I wear shooting gloves when using my XDm where as the XD is much better. My XD subcompact is my favorite. That gun fits me the best.

  • Kyle

    My second gun purchase was the XD9 service and my third was the XD45 Tactical. Both of them are just about perfect. I had never had a malfunction in my XD9 so I decided to see what it took to make it stop running. It finally stopped after I didn't clean or lube it for 6 months and I put 500 rounds through it during that time. I put lubed it at the range (without cleaning it) and it just kept going. I would recommend these guns to anyone.

  • to mark b

    To mark b have u ever shot a person on drugs….some drugs make them keep coming at u even when shot and u need something with knock down power…just saying

  • ckerst

    I own two XD'S they are both excellent firearms. The XD 45 is amazingly accurate. Putting texture on the grips is a simple 10 minute job using a soldering iron.

  • mel

    shot in the head

  • john

    The XDM 40 is now my favorite gun in my collection, smoothest gun I own and all the additional accessories are just icing on the cake!

  • G in Az

    Of 5 XD's I've owned, I just shot a m a couple days ago. The small backstrap was comfy. But I carry concealed all day, every day. So the swamp tire grip might get rough on the skin. I love my XD's. Having fun with the 40 service at the moment.

    • Jerry

      Do you know anything about the new xdm tactical? Owning five I am wondering if it would be a worthy investment? I have an xdm 40 and really like the gun. A little big for concealed carry ( I did not even have my permit yet and a buddy got an xd and loved it) I should have bought the sub compact. Now which way to go? Do you have a 9mm xd. I am half wondering if buying a nine would give me a better comparison. But, that may be a $6-700 lesson. I welcome your thoughts. Thanks,

  • djibouti

    "Well, it was designed for law enforcement, [to] make everything simple." While I'm sure he meant no disrespect, and I don't either, that's just funny!

  • Mason

    I have had my xdm 9mm for 4 months now. What a great firearm! Already I have put over 4000 rounds down range with it with no malfunction yet. You can't beet the price. I'm getting ready to sell/trade my USP for the xdm 45 compact. My wife likes it so much that she wants the 9mm xdm compact. She could not believe how easy it was to shoot. Plus, she has small hands and I'm a big goon and love the fact you can change out the backstrap. Pistol, 2 mags, lock, cleaning kit, holster, ammo holster and a mag loader for a $600 price tag…..sold!

  • dinkomaras

    U got to enjpy a good gun,it dont matter where it has been made…Dumm motherfuckers….

    • Stacy

      When labeling someone as "dumb" it helps to spell the word correctly.


    I have an XD-40 and an XDm 3.8 .40. The XDm not only feels better in your hand but it's nice knowing you have 16 rounds instead of the larger slightly heavier firearm with only 12 rounds.
    I know most people say, "It's only 4 rounds." If you need to reload it's the difference between 32 rounds and 24 rounds.
    Now maybe you're thinking a bit differently , HUH?

  • dlaroque

    wish we had the right to "bear arms" up here in canada…so tired of the justice system

    • Matthew Croy

      Move to texas bear as many as you want

  • dlaroque

    is there any restrictions on shipping stuff like that to canada (handgun wise) i would like too know

    • dlaroque

      personal issues

      • 220ripper

        Nah , you've gotta order it from a firearm dealer here . Otherwise you can try to get an import license ( good luck

  • dad


  • Some Guy

    If the XD is bread, then the M is butter. Get what I'm saying? My XDM is a 3.8" in 9mm and it's brilliant. I would trust my, my wife's and my daughter's life with this firearm any day. Look for the slim models now coming out.

  • michael

    do the xd45 mags fit the xdm

  • Matthew Croy

    How much does a Springfield xdm value not no more than ten rounds through it

  • Tim Reynard

    I bought a Spingfield XDm 40 . I can’t find a replacement 16 round magazine ike he one that came with the gun. Can I use a 12 round magazine instead?

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