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Sig Sauer 6-Pack

by Handguns Online Staff   |  June 7th, 2011 10

Sig Sauer makes an impressive first impression with the new P238. It was such a good impression that SIG came out with an entire family of six variants.

  • Gary Emch

    I like everyone of them particularly the all stainless model. I see a model for

    everyone here. Boy they sure are nice! I think I'll check these out for a future purchase. Boy its going to take awhile and be hard to finally choose

    the one I like best. I like all of them.

  • R D Meiser

    C.R.Guns store owner Charlie Rice converted me to SIG! Had a problem with right shoulder and purchased a SIG "Mosquito" Loved it and have since purchased a SIG P239. My next and LAST weapon will be the P238. Have fired it and loved its action and feel.


  • http://None Jon Shirley

    Hello: Would appreciate an idea of the price ranges for these new & the original model. Particularly interested in the all stainless model, & the additional adder for the special front site.

    My old .45 Auto is gettin' kind of heavy for this very old Marine to carry!

    Hope to hear from you…

  • Vince

    I don't know if anyone has tried the P226 Tac Ops 40 cal. This gun is great . I bought mine last month and I love it.

  • Sylvan

    I will stick with my 226

  • Brian

    I bought one for my wife, all black with the front laser attached. It shoots great, but waiting for the extended magazine with the pinky base to help with the short grip. She loves it!!

  • Eric

    Any one have any info on the P250 2sum package? Have read mixed reviews from other sites about the early P250's and wondering if the 2sum is worth the money?

  • JW

    I recently had the chance to shoot one of these. Although I question the decision to make a single-action POCKET pistol–because you know dang well some idiot will stick it in his pocket w/o a holster and flip off the safety inadvertently–I have to say that it was incredibly easy to shoot (like popping off 6 rds of .22) and surprisingly user-friendly for such a diminutive platform. My hands are too big for a Beretta 92, but I have no complaints with the ergos. It's on my "I want one" list now… too bad I'm in California (only the ugly 2-tone model is on the "safe" list, and I'm sure it's bastardized with a mag disconnect too). FYI – I also had the chance to shoot the P290 along with the P238, and IMHO the P290 can't compare.

  • Steve

    How much is the sig sauer p238

  • butch

    hey "old MARINE" with the heavy .45– try the sig 1911 C3. light alloy frame and ACCURATE AS HELL. my daily carry- dont even know its there.

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