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SHOT Video: Taurus Models 992 & 405

by Staff Report   |  January 19th, 2012 6

Robert Crescenzi introduces us to two new models for Taurus in 2012, the Models 992 and 405.

  • dale gervich

    i got a 992 about 2 months ago. I took it to the range with both 22 mags and 22 lr's, got to shoot two cylinders full of the mag's. accurcey was 3.6 inches at 15 yards not to good. then changed cylinders to .22 lr accuracy was better, 1.77 inches at the same 15 yards. changing the cylinders was a snap. how ever when I tried to shoot it again the cylinder would not rotate. …Called Taurus, they wanted me to send the gun back to them in fact they insisted i return the gun. The turn around time was only 7 days, they said a part had brokenand they replaced it. The gun now works perfectly. The accracy is improving as the more use the beautiful stainless gun. Dale Gervich St. Peters MO.

  • Jack Stark

    I bought the 992-6-1/2 barrel in blue about a month and a half ago. After a couple of weeks of shooting at the range, I noticed some lead peeling after every shot. A closer look indicated that the cylinder latch was not engaging properly and the cylinder moved sideways so as to mis-align with the forcing cone. I contacted Taurus Customer Service and they sent me a Fed-Ex shipping label and had it picked up at my house. That's been about 2-1/2 weeks ago and they still have it. Checking just now on their web site for repair status, they indicate they still haven't started repair. It will be interesting to see how long it takes.

  • Ken Kjer

    Although I like Taurus handguns, there customer service and repair are lacking. I purchased 444 Lightweight in 44 mag, it shot about a foot high with all loads. I tried to get a new front sight from them and they refused to sell it to me. I finally paid a local gunsmith 90 dollars to make a new front sight for me. It shoots perfect now, but I am totally dissatisfied with there customer service.

  • DennisKsmith

    Will you people quit Jacking around and re-introduce your .45LC in a snubbie?

    • Chris B

      I have the Taurus ultra-lite in .45 colt ( with 2''Ported bbl. !!!) This is an awsome ccw weapon. Delivers 5 rounds of fight stopping power from a package only slightly larger than a j-frame … fact is that the .45 colt has been used for self-defence for 140 years , I would not trade my "snubby on steriods" !
      But if Taurus brought them out again ; I would buy another !!!

  • Joe

    Not a big fan of the slide action round revolvers (9mm, 40SW, 45ACP). If I'm going to buy a revolver, it's going to be a 357 mag or 44 mag. I know you can load them faster with the moon clips but, auto-loads are almost just as fast.

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