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At the Range: Smith & Wesson Model 929 Performance Center Miculek Revolver

by Handguns Online Staff 11

Jerry Miculek has long been a revered name in competitive shooting, and the new Smith & Wesson Model 929 Performance… more »


Smith & Wesson Model 647 Varminter Review

by Stan Trzoniec 0

The newer version of Smith & 
Wesson’s Model 647 is one cool-looking revolver—a trim, no-nonsense type of field gun that… more »


Snubbie Showdown: Comparing Polymer Revolvers

by Paul Scarlata 3

Like many of my contemporaries, when polymer frame pistols first hit the market, I looked upon them with a healthy… more »

Ruger SP101 revolver

Review: Ruger SP101 22

by Greg Rodriguez 25

Ruger’s latest introduction is not the first rimfire version of the small-framed SP101. But the first version, which was discontinued… more »


New Handguns – Day Four

by J. Scott Rupp 12

Alas, I had to spend much of the day on rifles and totally missed out on the new Smith &… more »


New Handguns – Day Two

by J. Scott Rupp 31

Day Two at PASA Park, home of the USPSA Single Stack Nationals and other high-end competitions, was a little slow… more »

Uberti El Patron CMS

Review: Uberti El Patron CMS

by Rick Hacker 2

Given the parameters of its William Mason-inspired design, I used to think there was no way to improve upon the… more »

New Service S&S

Colt New Service

by Bart Skelton 11

I’ve long been a fan of the Colt New Service revolver for a number of reasons. Not only were they… more »

New Frontier 008

Colt Reintroduces The New Frontier Revolver

by Bart Skelton 9

Fans of the Colt Single Action Army revolver will be familiar with the Flattop Target Model. This revolver was Colt’s… more »


Presidential Pistols

by Aaron Decker 35

From battle-used pistols to presentation-grade masterpieces, here’s a look at some of the sidearms used by—or, in some tragic cases… more »

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