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Review: Taurus 24/7 G2 Compact

by Bob Pilgrim   |  July 18th, 2012 27
Taurus 24/7 G2 Compact with extended magazine

The G2 Compact’s ergonomics were good, especially with the extended magazine. Muzzle flip is quite manageable, and the pistol indexes quickly. However, the author thought the trigger could use some improvement.

Taurus is trumping the carry gun market again with its 24/7 G2 Compact  pistol. Available in a troika of the most popular personal defense calibers, the G2 Compact will satisfy anyone’s requirements for either a primary or backup handgun. In other words, the pistol is neither too large for concealed carry nor too small for many law enforcement duties.


This pistol’s genesis resulted from the combination of the best features exhibited by Taurus’ 800 Series, 24/7 Series and 24/7 OSS pistols. That’s a lot of technology to stuff into a compact pistol, but Taurus has managed to do just that. The chunky little fighting firearm, while not as sleek or futuristic looking as the firm’s excellent Slim 709 or 740 series, has a utilitarian attractiveness.


Taurus 24/7 G2 Compact controls

The G2 Compact features fully ambidextrous safety/decocker, slide lock/release and magazine release. It also features an over-large extractor for sure operation.

The G2 Compact’s trigger is most interesting. Chambering a round automatically places the trigger in the double-action mode. After the first round is fired, the pistol transitions to single-action configuration and remains in that condition until the last round is expended.


The G2 Compact can be carried safely in either the double- or single-action mode. The thumb safety works in either condition to block the trigger and striker. However, if you push the safety down past its point of disengagement it acts as a decocker and will return the pistol to double-action status.


When carried in the shorter stroke single-action mode with safety on, the double-action trigger serves as a restrike feature should it be needed. However, when either riding the safety with your thumb or flicking it off Safe it is very easy to unintentionally transition to double action before commencing the single-action trigger press. Incidentally, the thumb safety when engaged will not let the slide reciprocate.


I found the longer double-action stroke to be smoother than its single-action stroke, and I got better standing offhand groups at 25 yards with in the former rather than latter. Also, the single action has a good deal of creep, which isn’t too noticeable during rapid fire, but the trigger safety protrudes just enough to give the lever a sharp feel.


Taurus 24/7 G2 Compact with extended and standard magazines

The G2 Compact comes with two steel magazines: one standard and one high-cap. The high-cap one features a polymer filler insert for a sure grip.

The G2 Compact has dual controls throughout, and in addition to the previously mentioned safety/decocker, its frame features ambidextrous magazine releases and slide stops/releases.


Taurus has convenient oval slots in the frame to provide a point of rest for the thumbs when firing one-handed and as a location to safely park the index finger when holding the pistol with finger off the trigger. Below the dust cover and in front of its enlarged trigger guard, a single slotted rail will accept small lights and lasers.


The grip is ribbed and checkered with mild finger grooves or memory pads for a positive purchase and although not a full sized service sidearm, its backstrap is slotted for a lanyard attachment.


The thick slide’s blue carbon steel dorsal surface is flat but tapers off laterally into smooth angled surfaces that resume a vertical flat profile for the portion that mate with the frame. These angled surfaces are attractive and give the slide a scalloped “A frame” appearance as well as lightening it.


Angled rear serrations aid in the weapon’s manual of arms and bucking a trend toward forward serrations the slide is instead slightly relieved on either side for perhaps that purpose.


Taurus 24/7 G2 compact frame

Memory pads for locating the support-hand trigger finger are found on both sides of the pistol, and the takedown lever is also ambidextrous.

The slide rides on steel internal rails, and its end cap houses a red-tipped striker status indicator. The external extractor is huge and has a monstrous claw to grab more of the case’s rim for reliable extraction.


Slide to frame fit is fairly tight with only a slight bit of movement and its ramped barrel is quite snug in its lock up. Aiding in that important endeavor, the barrel’s muzzle is slightly larger in diameter to eliminate any sloppy slide to barrel fit at that location.


The gun’s three-dot sight setup includes a low-profile plastic rear notch sight that’s adjustable for windage and elevation via slotted screws. The dovetailed steel front sight can be removed via Allen wrench screw.


The G2 Compact comes with standard and a high-capacity steel magazines capable of being charged with 11 and 15 rounds respectively. The standard magazine features a beefy and removable pinky rest and the high-cap tube has a removable polymer sleeve that fills in the gap between its base and the magazine well.


The long tube’s base pad resembles the pinky rest on the short stick. With the standard magazine pinky rest, a good grip can be established on the pistol, but the extended magazine affords more control. Both mags have orange followers and numbered witness holes.


Ergonomics, especially with the extended magazine are good, and the piece handles recoil well. Muzzle flip is quite manageable and the pistol indexes a threat quickly. As noted, the biggest obstacles to fast and accurate shooting with the G2 Compact is the trigger. If Taurus could duplicate the trigger used in the well-received PT 709 Slim pistols, they would have a very impressive compact firearm.


Fast Specs: Taurus 24/7 G2 Compact

  • Type: short-recoil DA/SA semiauto action with 2-strike capability
  • Caliber: 40 S&W
  • Capacity: 11+1, 15+1
  • Weight: 23.6 oz.
  • Barrel: 3.5 in. ramped, stainless steel, 6-groove, 1:16 twist
  • OAL/Height/Width: 6.6/4.8/1.26 in.
  • Construction: blued or stainless steel slide; injection-molded polymer frame w/accessory rail
  • Grips: high-adhesion, ribbed polymer with backstrap checkering; memory grooves; lanyard slot
  • Trigger: DA, 8 lb. pull; SA, 7.25 lb. pull
  • Sights: 3-dot; adjustable plastic notch rear, replaceable steel front post
  • Safeties: ambi manual thumb/decocker; trigger; Taurus security system
  • Price: $523
  • Manufacturer: Taurus


Accuracy Results

  • Smallest avg. group: 180 gr. Remington Bonded JHP—1.2 in.
  • Largest avg. group: 180 gr. Winchester Bonded JHP—2.6 in.
  • Avg. of all ammo tested (6 types): 2.0 in.
  • Notes: Accuracy results are averages of five five-shot groups at 15 yards from a Hyskore pistol rest.


  • R. Atchley

    Looks like another winner from Brazil. I own plenty of guns, but my Taurus 845 is the one always within reach. The Croation Springfield is a great gun, but I like the idea of a second strike instead of tap rack bang, my memory isn't what it was and I prefer my auto to act more like a revolver,

  • John

    It's Crap

  • Richard

    I bought a Taurus millennium pro, will never, ever in my lifetime buy another Taurus. I gave it away.

    • Disobey

      Hi , I own a Taurus PT 111 millennium pro in 9mm. I just got the weapon back from a “Taurus Factory Make Over”. Now,(1) 2 of my 3 magazines drop out during shooting at the range!,(2) the rear cover plate is missing and I see a green polymer “plug”, &(3) the red, “chamber is loaded indicator”, does not/ has never worked.
      Should I bother contacting Taurus again or throw it in the river and look for another pistol?
      Thanks for your help and any advice. Also, what happened/problems relating to your PT 111?
      P.S. The magazine dropping out is not due to over grip or over lapping fingers/too tight grip.

      • Russel Workman

        send it back until they get it right. My 45 is a tack driver. So is my 24/7 40 and both of my 605 357magnums

        • Disobey

          I have a Taurus Revolver, Model 689, 6″ .357 Magnum! Love that 6 shooter! Black Hogue grips on a nice nickel finish!

          • Russel Workman

            AS TO REVOLVERS… When I was in Law Enforcement (I retired in 2000), I was the last one to give up my revolver (nickel plated S&W .357 6″). I warned them that the high Cap 9mm was no match for the revolver or a 1911 in a gunfight. The only thing it could do was fire a bunch more bullets that were too light and too fast to do any damage. (although bullet design has improved)
            Obviously they didn’t listen and we went to S&W 669 9mm. My warnings came true about a year later when we went through a spot of officer involved shootings (9 of them in a 6 month period), including myself being involved in one and the Detective working mine, got in one three days after mine. He got shot in the face with a shotgun. Luckily the shooter had birdshot in it. All we did was punch a whole bunch of holes in the bad guys and the cops went to the Hospital ICU. One Officer (who was shot) and his trainee put 20 rounds in a 120 lb 68 year old man before he stopped shooting at them. I put two dead center mass and one through his shooting hand and the guy walked away. Put my partner in ICU for 2 months and in recovery for 6. If I had hit him with a double tap of .357 there would have been a funeral instead of a trial. So, all that to say, I’m with ya on revolvers.

          • Jus2boyz

            Yep…sorry to all the haters out there, but my PT99 from Taurus turns 28 years old this coming March. Accuracy bar none….bring your Beretta your Kimber, or your overly expensive Smith and Wesson. When people bought Cadillac’s 25 years ago, every one thought Toyota was a piece of crap. What say you now? I’ll keep my Toyota(Taurus) any day…except now I have three and I will keep em all realizing I didn’t grossly overpay for any one of them.

    • Russel Workman

      whatever HATER!!! don’t believe you for a second…

  • tim

    I have a 24/7 pro compact, very similar to this one….I absolutely love it, has been my carry weaponfor 2 years.

    • Rafael

      About a month ago I got one PT-24/7 G2 Compact .45 ACP so far I am very happy with, no problems for a handgun that I payed less that $400.00 for and that's including shipping. My only complain is that Taurus do not have enough parts and magazines on stock, it will take as of today 2 to 3 months to get magazines.

  • Caligula

    Piece of crap like most Taurus products.

  • Douglas Barrow

    I have a Taurus PT809. It's a fine firearm. Been to the range many times and put over 1000 rounds through it. Only issues I had was it didn't like steel case ammo. Other than that, no problems.

  • Mike

    Interesting…"piece of crap"? Why? What qualifies it as such? Let's get specific. I own a G2 compact in .45, stainless. I have probably owned as many guns throughout my 60 years as most small gun stores, and I like this pistol. It isn't perfect…thr trigger COULD use some attention, but after running about 50 rounds through mine and then a thorough cleaning, the pull weight lightened up about 2 pounds which puts it in the double action revolver category. It is plenty accurate for its intended purpose, even with my cast bullet handloads. It carries easily in an inexpensive Ace Case IWB holster and is small enough to actually carry regularly. I also like the warranty; it follows the gun, not the owner, no matter how many owners it has.
    I guess some folks just don't like Taurus products, but I've owned several with nary a problem. It would be interesting to see just how many times the naysayers actually pulled thr trigger, or do they just assume? I have read internet horror stories about Taurus, which I would assume were real. The company, especially with earlier semiautos it seems, has had issues but as stated, I've not had any.
    For under $400, a .45 with 13 rounds (plus 10 more on the hip) with fully ambidextrous controls that goes "bang" every time you pull the trigger makes THIS lefty appreciate this gun.

    • Peter

      Yep you're right Mike… in the Philippines everybody is going crazy about Glock ( which I think is a not so safe gun). I own a 24 7 pro in 9mm and my friend owns a Glock 23. We test fired his Glock on the range and being a newbie, he had difficulty on the trigger pull of the Glock. Groupings are 6 to 8 inches apart at 7 meters. Then he borrowed my Taurus and wow…….. 2 to 5 inches apart. He said the SA/DA trigger system is better than his Glock. Well he can lighten the trigger if he wants to ($$$$$$) but I would go for a gun that you can fire right out of the box without modifiying it and will cost you.

      • Caligula

        It's easy and dirt cheap to modify a Glock trigger, and lots of folks DIY Glock modifications. Glock parts are readily available and have more accessories available than just about any other modern pistol. As for your friend, it sounds like he needs some shooting lessons.

    • Caligula

      Taurus firearms have quality control problems. Some seem to function flawlessly, and others of the same model are lemons. i know one gun shop in Florida that refuses to sell them anymore. A friend of mine owns a Taurus 1911 and has had chronic feeding and ejection problems. I was in a gun shop here in Raleigh,NC when a customer walked in with his Taurus sub-compact that he had purchased the previous day. He couldn't even get the pistol to chamber a round, let alone fire it. For $100 bucks more you can buy an American made Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Beretta (Beretta USA), Kahr, or even a Kel-Tec. Every gun manufacturer has issues from time-to-time, and hiccups with new model introductions. However, Taurus has chronic quality inconsistency. If Taurus was so good, then why don't any major law enforcement agencies in the states issue them? Why do you see the police in the U.S. carrying Glocks, Sigs, Berettas, and Smith & Wesson, but never Taurus? There's a good reason why.

  • Nick

    I own the 24/7 g2 40. I absolutely love it . I've owned many guns best bang for the buck !

  • Mike Shields

    I own a Taurus PT 1911 45 acp i use in IDPA shoots great, no problems
    I have a Taurus 605 revolver smooth trigger go's bang every time i pull the trigger!
    Just bought a PT 24/7 G2 its been flawless
    All of them come with a lifetime warrenty, what's not to like :-)

  • BitterClinger

    I have 4 Taurus handguns including 2 1911s. They're as accurate as any other production on the market, especially the PT92. H8Rs gonna H8, so whatever.

  • Val Shaffer

    I own a 24/7 long slide in 9mm and a millennium pro 45–love them both. Also, no problems.

  • JohnM

    I have a 745 with well over a 1000 rounds and no problems at all. I have many pistols and I really believe Taurus is underrated. A 24/7 9mm is my next buy..

  • Saturn99

    Recently purchased a PT845. Works great. Shoots great. Really like the features and it is comfortable to use. Less than 2" groups at 25yds offhand. Windage almost dead on. Shoots about 1" high. Trigger could be better. I really liked this pistol so I purchased the 24/7 G2 compact in 40sw. I haven't had time to shoot this one yet but the quality seems to be the same and I expect it will be a winner also. Also very comfortable for me to use. Downside is trying to find a spare 11 round mag. Even Taurus was out.

    My 2 cents worth.

  • Dragon

    I read about Taurus handguns several years back that they are much better plus lifetime warranty so I made my choice and bought one (PT111 Millennium Pro 9mm), shot it at some ranges and not one problem. Been carrying as conceal weapon for years, just bought 24/7 G2 45. Due to low to no ammo at gun shops all over where I live and online I have not taken it out to test it but I am sure it'll do well as I have no issues with my 9mm. I am quite pleased with how Taurus has changed their designed to keep up with the rest of the world. Any handgun can be easily modified to shoot well as Glock's, you just have to know a little about how guns function. Not heard at all but make sure you know what you are doing especially for the gun you carry or use as home defense weapon, you life depends on it. And most of all take it out to the range and practice with it as often as you can (kind of hard now with ammo availability) to know the gun well.

    There are cheap guns out there but Taurus is not one of them, people tend to read and believe but that's their choice. I read quite a bit on other guns failures but most of the issues are easily fixed.

  • Tom Woods

    I love my 24/7 G2 compact in .40 cal. Have put about 1000 rounds through it and no problems, ever. It does seem to like the more expensive ammo better but no problems with the cheap stuff either. Also have a 605 that is also a great firearm. For the money, you cant beat Taurus.

  • travis

    After my pt845 feel apart my hands, I feel taurus’ s ceo claiming everything is now quality and pricing near xd and glock status is a bunch of bs. Taurus and hi point should be banned from producing such low quality crap.

    • ezkl2230

      “Low quality crap?” I have owned three hi-points, the .380, 9mm, and .40. I can tell you that they functioned reliably, went bang every time I squeezed the trigger, and were very accurate. In fact, my 9mm compact, although heavy, was my EDC for the first two years I had my CPL. The company stands behind them, no questions asked, if something does go wrong, even if you aren’t the original owner. I discovered this when I inherited my .40 from a relative. It was hi-point’s original .40, and it was 20 years old when I got it. It had never been maintained properly, and there was unusual slide wear that was causing feed issues. Still, I contacted the company and shipped it back to them. Two weeks later, I received the repaired firearm. They replaced the slide, polished the feed ramp, and threw in a new magazine for my troubles. I have great respect for the company, even if what they produce is low-priced. As far as I am concerned, the hi-point is the AK-47 of the American firearms industry.

      As for Taurus, I looked seriously at getting a 24/7; the Springfield XD-S NARROWLY beat it out, but if it fails to meet my expectations I will sell it and get my hands on the 24/7 compact .45. Under its new leadership, the company has made significant strides in addressing both QC and cust service issues. Everyone I know who has the new gen 2 tauruses has been VERY pleased with them; I also sell tauruses for a major national company, and have yet to have a customer try to return one or even complain about them. Sorry you had a bad experience, but there are several things we don’t know about your particular firearm: how old was it, what kind of use did it receive, and was it properly maintained.

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