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SHOT Video: Springfield XDs-3.3

by Staff Report   |  January 19th, 2012 14

Rob Leatham breaks down the newest offering to the XD line – the XDs – a single stack .45 ACP.

  • Joseph S

    Spring field is always comming out with newstuff ,hey S&W take a hint

  • Joseph S

    Glock 36 is better and lighter

    • eddie

      not thinner lol

    • bdavis

      wake up dude, xd's have a better trigger and outshoot glocks

    • @JamesJinSC

      20.9 ounces, he fumbled it.

  • Matt

    29 oz for 6 rds? Come on…The Glock 30 holds 10+1 and weighs that much.

  • Matt

    My bad…the Glock 30 weighs 24 oz, and can take an optional 9 rd or13rd mag. But it is thicker by .25 inches…

  • Ben

    I love it. Good job springfield.


    What doesn't out- shoot a glock?

  • reno1911

    Nice! I need to get me one… I wonder if they will sell it here in Ca.

    • dan229

      Nope! Dammmit!! Stupid California lawmakers won't allow it because it can be fired without a magazine.

  • @JamesJinSC

    he said 29 ounces but it is 20.9 ounces

  • Robb

    Heads-up all you XD fans, the XDs is ALSO coming out in Bi-Tone!!! Woot-Woot to Springfield for that.

  • Billy Saunders

    I own several Glocks incuding Model 30. I bought a XDs and I am realy pleased with it .

    Sorry but I like it better than my Glock 30. I only paid $549.00 for it.


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