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Introducing the Rock River Arms 1911 P

by Staff Report   |  January 23rd, 2012 31

Steve Mayer of Rock River Arms introduces us to the Rock River Arms 1911 P, the all-new polymer single-stack .45 ACP.

  • Brandon

    Why do I feel dirty for really wanting one of these? LOL

    • Larry

      Because you should have one and I do. Crazy great guns.

  • Benny

    Yeah, what's the MSRP?

  • adecker44

    Benny – they're not 100% certain what MSRP is going to ultimately be…but "ballpark" is around $800.

    • frank evans

      WOW! A $600 profit.for using a plastic frame.

      • Dave

        Plastic equals junk in my book.

  • SuperDave

    Don't they already have steel 1911s in that price catagory?

    • Potus2000

      I agree with SuperDave. What's the point of a polymer 1911 if it costs what a similarly equipped traditional steal one does? I would see the appeal if it were priced to compete with an XD or Glock. Just my two cents worth.

  • Potus2000

    Anybody know if it comes with night sights?

  • Tommy

    Can anyone explain to me why every single "1911" style gun costs so damn much? Are they really that much harder to manufacture or are the makers trying to protect the market pricing currently in place. It doesn't matter who makes it or what it's made of, they're always $800 and up to 2,000+ for one of these guns. For that reason alone I'll never buy one, much as I like the design. There are plenty of other pistols out there in the $500-600 range that shoot as well or better.

    • Jeff

      You get what you pay for. I can practice with a $500-$600 gun, but when it matters,, I want a $800-$1500 gun in my hand. If you can't afford a more expensive gun, then save until you can. Put $50 away each month and in two years you can buy whatever you want. Man shouldn't live by price alone.

      • J. Will

        Jeff, price doesn't always exactly correlate to quality. Just because a gun costs more does not mean it is more dependable, accurate, ergonomic or anything else. Glocks make up such a huge portion of the market, not ONLY because they are cheap. They are reliable, accurate well made firearms that have a reasonable price point. Glock isn't the only one's who make good guns for less money either. Springfields new XD line is excellent. There are a lot of options out there, and a high price tag does not guarantee quality. I want something that is going to go bang each and everytime I pull the trigger and shoot small groups in the process. In my experience, price does not promise quality. Even if you absolutely have to have a 1911, there are options out there for you that won't break the bank.

        • redvette

          According to several articles on this new 1911, MSRP will be $800.00 which means that the gun will sell for around $600 to $650. Pretty good price point I think.

      • mls149

        Man shouldn't buy guns by price alone

      • Traveler

        You'd be far better off with a $500 gun and $1000 worth of ammo. Ammo turns money into skill, if you do your part.

      • Dave

        Betas .380 nuff said…

  • Joseph S

    Kick-Ass.. Wilson Combat had a poly 1911 it never realy took off, I think because WC had a msrp of $1300 on it. I would buy one for around $750 out the door.

    • frank evans

      How about $200.00

  • Tommy

    I have a 3rd generation S&W auto pistol that has been flawless since I bought it in 1999. It is one of those $500-600 guns I spoke of. NEVER had a single FTF or FTE EVER. I was just wondering about 1911's in particular. I have plenty of money, so saving for one is not the problem. I just feel that they are overpriced. The same reason I drive a Mustang and not a Mercedes. The Ford gets me where I want to go very well, The Benz is strictly for posing. IMHO

    • frank evans

      what kind of 3rd generation S&W auto pistol ?

  • Lopaka Kanaka

    Yes, the price is way over for a plastic made 1911. Gun Mfg need to think more sales if they price is going to start people buying the guns. Now Hi-Point is a smart gun Mfg with there guns at a real bargain price. I purchased a C9 for $159 and it shoot like a $800 gun. If you are looking for a great purchase think Hi-Point before you spend too much $$$. I have Stainless Steel 1911 A-1 45acp and will never buy one this is made of half plastic. All NRA Life Members, Hunters, and Target Buffs keep shooting and "Keep Our Rights To Bear Arms" We need a new Commander in chief who will protect our 2ND Ammendant Rights to every American Citizen…

    • old vet

      Too many out there "dis" the Hi Points. They work and if something doesn't they fix it no questions asked. since this IS a poly framed .45, a great deal of the effort in manufacturing it, is not there, it SHOULD cost much less than this. High cost does NOT always mean quality.

  • machinegundan

    if my life may depend on it it better be good. i will keep my colt 45. thank you. there are so many other guns out there. i have been a gunsmith and dealer for over 25 years. seen many good and bad guns. find one YOU like and proves itself and keep it.

  • duststorm71

    I have owned a Rock Island 45 for a couple years and didn't break the bank. it is one of those in the 500 to 500 dollar range 1911 's . it is a good and dependable hand gun and enjoyable to shoot.

    • frank evans

      i've heard good things about RIA. How accurate is it at 25 yards?


    If it goes bang and makes you happy, life is good. The price will change based on manufacturing costs and demand. If it's made in the USA, I'll pay a little extra.

  • Rick

    no 1911 is worth more than 350$
    I have been a cnc machinist for over 37 yrs, I think i can say they are not that difficult to make, and are over priced

  • Chuck

    I don't have plenty of money, and I do think I'd love a Les Baer, WC, whichever 1911 that was hand-fitted to perfection, great trigger etc. I appreciate the hard work that goes into a quality pistol, but if it comes off an assemby line, and into a box- I don't consider it worth more than 5-600 bucks. I know, a few exceptions, but…I love my Ruger and my S&W, neither of which was over $400. And I can and do depend on them every day.


      Not disputing your prices I honestly would like to know where I can get the two that you own for $400.00?

  • Gunner

    If the MSRP was on a par with a Glock I would be interested but not at $800!

  • Jack D

    I have Kimbers, Colts, and Rock River. I also have the late generation Sigma in 9mm as well as a Browning Hi-Power. I have no problem carrying ANY of these. My only recommendations are replace the recoil spring on the Rock and do the trigger job on the Sigma. You can easily count on the $400 Rock! And Sigma!

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