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Ed Brown Special Forces Bronze Review

by Patrick Sweeney 0

Never have we had such an embarrassment of riches as today. Even the average custom gunsmith or 1911 builder of… more »


STI Nitro 10mm 1911 Review

by Paul Scarlata 2

As with most things mechanical, despite the 1911’s sterling reputation, down through the years there have been those who have… more »


Nighthawk Falcon Commander Review

by James Tarr 4

People often ask me, “Why don’t you review something I can actually afford?” This popped into my head as I… more »


ATI FX45 Fatboy LW Review

by Paul Scarlata 5

With the liberalization of concealed carry laws in many states, the demand for small, lightweight, concealable handguns has ballooned, and… more »


Hot and Hemi: Les Baer Custom Hemi 572 Review

by G&A Staff 3

It’s not often that I wax rhapsodic about a 1911 pistol, but I’m about to make an exception for Les… more »


Laying Down the Law: STI Lawman Series Review

by G&A Staff 6

STI International of Georgetown, Texas, first made a name for itself in the world of 1911 pistols during the 1990s… more »


Rock River Arms Poly 1911 Review

by Patrick Sweeney 7

Devotees of the 1911 have been asking for a single-stack polymer-framed pistol since about forever. And at last there is… more »


SIG Sauer 1911 Fastback Carry Review

by Paul Scarlata 2

SIG Sauer entered the highly competitive 1911 market in 2004 with the 1911GSR, one of the first 1911s to come… more »


Smith & Wesson Performance Center 1911 Review

by Patrick Sweeney 0

I figure in my tenure as a gunsmith I worked on about 500 1911s, and as a writer I’ve certainly… more »


Costa Quality: Nighthawk Custom Costa Recon Review

by Patrick Sweeney 1

If you have looked at more than one online video of someone running an AR or a 1911, chances are… more »

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