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Taurus Buys Heritage Manufacturing

by J. Scott Rupp   |  May 1st, 2012 11
Heritage Manufacturing Rough Rider Combo single-action revolver

Heritage Manufacturing makes single-action revolvers such as the Rough Rider Combo, a .22 LR/.22 Mag that sells for between $200 and $350, depending on model.

Taurus just announced its acquisition of Heritage Manufacturing, which makes rimfire and centerfire single-action revolvers. The company didn’t disclose the terms of the acquisition.


Heritage Manufacturing, like Taurus’ U.S. subsidiary, is located in Florida. It was founded in 1992, and its flagship Rough Rider SA revolvers are affordable designs that include a .22 LR/.22 Mag. combo and .45, .357  and .32 H&R models. The Rough Rider combo rimfire gun is available in a wide variety of grips and finishes; most are in the mid-$200 range. The .32 H&R goes for around $300, and the .45s and .357s range between $480 and $550. Heritage Manufacturing also has a good-looking and well-rounded line of holsters and other gun-leather goods, plus accessories and parts.


“Heritage and Taurus have always had a long, family-like relationship,” said Jay Bernkrant, Heritage founder and president. “We share the same family-based values and deep-rooted desire to bring the best products to the most people.


The Heritage name and brand will continue to be marketed as a standalone company, according to a news release. Heritage will receive “the full support of the Taurus management efforts and distribution channels,” according to the release.


Taurus president and CEO Mark Kresser called the move a great complement to Taurus’ and Rossi’s current product lines and part of a growth strategy to “acquire and partner with companies that share our core competency of affordably priced firearms for all shooters. Taurus is continuing to accelerate in the shooting sports, and Heritage products will keep our customers hunting, plinking and cowboy-action shooting.”

  • millard dupler

    will have to weight and see i have a heritage it is a well made gun i started all my grandkids out on that gun i have had taurus but got rid of them just did not like them hope this will get better

  • Russell

    I have a Heritage Rough Rider 22lr…love the thing. Started my daughter out shooting it at the range. After seeing how good it shoots, I just had to take over. Had an issue with the cylinder pin when I first purchased was chewed up a bit like someone took plyers to it…anyway..sent it back to Heritage and they fixed it no problem. I believe we got it back the same week AND it had upgraded grips installed, I inquired and they told me it was for my trouble. Any how got the thing on sale local for $100 good luck finding one at that price today…Shoots like a dream…as they say will shoot a knat off a flies ass. As for Taurus…who knows..some swear by them and think they are a hidden gem…others wouldn't give a plug nickel for such a gun…guess time will tell. Just don't let them mess up Heritages goings on and all should be well.

  • Robert J Langley

    I have to agree with Russel.
    I think Heritage is a huge value. Over the years I have collected several .22 LR's and a .17HMR.They are a hoot for plinking.
    Taurus has not been so good for me. I have a .22LR Tracker (970?) that has been back twice because the cylinder isn't timed correctly. I can't shoot it, won't sell it, and they can't seem to fix it. It has been re-boxed and put away. Perhaps one day I will see if they can fix it. I love the look and ergo's of the gun, but it's just not safe. I hope Heritage's standards aren't influenced and compromised by Taurus.

  • Will Carry

    This does not suprise me. I wish them all the best.

  • B shook

    I love my .22 Heritage. And just recently bought a .380 Taurus and so far it is great! Maybe Taurus IS trying to make a better product? Just dont mess up the other companies they bought is all i ask!

  • Beaver Skeaver

    I hope with the acquisition of Heritage, some of their QC actually leaks over into Taurus and not vice versa!

  • texasred777

    I just heard about Taurus buying Heritage. I hope it works out well. I bought a Heritage Rough Rider .22lr/.22mag combo last year. My son-in-law and grandson went with me a few days after I bought it and liked it so much; they bought one for them selves. GREAT gun. My son-in-law owns a Taurus .38 Special. He really likes it. I've shot it a few times and think it's a great gun. I also have a little Rossi 62SA pump .22 rifle. I can't decide if I like the Rossi or my old Remington 12A better! I think the combination of Rossi, Taurus, and Heritage will be fine. 'Course only time will tell.

  • mike

    I own both taurus and heritage in all moldels love them all hope they keep puting out great guns.

  • Jim Moore

    I think it's a shame. I have 2 heritage products that I love but I wouldn't give a plug nickel for a taurus product

  • ronald wettemann

    i am looking the maker of an 8 shot 22 cal pistol pre 1984 possible Id number PA 83

  • johnny condrey

    Got a western six Kimel ind. Matthews n.c. 22 mag.need a set ivory handles. Someone told me a heritage grips was the same. need help.

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