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Great Accessories For The Army’s New Baby: The SIG P320

by James Tarr 0

There is no shortage of essential upgrades available for the SIG P320 and with more to come.

Tarr likes Trijicon’s XR setup, which features a wide U-notch rear with plain tritium inserts and a large brightly colored circle around a tritium insert in the front sight.

Sights That Do Double Duty Are The Way To Go

by James Tarr 0

It only makes sense to put the “best” sights on your handgun.


Surefire’s XC1 Takes Flashlight Technology to New Levels

by James Tarr 0

SureFire is calling the XC1 an ultra-compact LED pistol light. It is designed to mount on the rail of a handgun.


2017 Holster Guide

by Brad Fitzpatrick 0

Great new holsters (and belts) for street, range and more.


Blackhawk Leather Holsters

by James Tarr 0

Now Blackhawk has gone old school and introduced a new line of leather holsters in its CQC holster line.


Help Desk: Folding Knives

by Handguns TV 0

James Tarr and Richard Nance offer advice on choosing and carrying a folding knife.


Help Desk: Doublestar Oops Kit

by Handguns TV 0

Richard Nance and James Tarr discuss the new affordable Oops Kit from Doublestar.


Crossbreed Freedom Carry Holster

by Handguns TV 0

Richard Nance covers the features of the Freedom Carry holster from Crossbreed.


Sight Options for the AR-15

by Handguns TV 0

James Tarr and Richard Nance highlight the various sight options for the AR platform.


Review: High Threat EVOlution

by James Tarr 0

A new user configurable holster from High Threat Concealment.

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