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The 5 Best Sci-Fi Handguns

by James Tarr   |  February 7th, 2012 22
  • infodump

    Really, I'm disappointed , I'm not saying the PKD doesn't look kinda cool but it's a six shooter with two triggers… wow…. The other four guns are cool (I always liked the Logan's Run gun too!) but ever seen the movie Peacekeeper(1990) that gun is bada**! Or even better a (STNG)Type-2 Phaser, better than any lightsaber, (long ranged, weld, smelt, cut, carve/etch, stun, vaporize, narrow(single target) or wide beam(multiple targets), regenerative power source, can be used as power source, used as explosive, modulate frequency, disrupt force field/cloak fields, can be reconfigured to become a force field, capable of killing hundreds of people or destroying half of a large building in a single shot, cut tunnels through solid rock, heat rocks for warmth and there are probably still a few that I missed). Mind you phasers can't deflect laser bolts, but neither could you unless you had a midichlorian count of maybe 5000 or more per cell. Although a Jedi could deflect laser bolts with out a lightsaber so its a moot point. The main defect of a Type-2 Phaser is, lack of hand to hand applicability. It is far to light weight and sometimes fragile to be used in this fashion. Mind you the Type-2 is a peace keeping tool, not a wartime weapon so it not even optimized for destruction.

    • infodump

      Sorry the movie's not "Peacekeeper(1990)" but "I come in Peace(1990)", with Dolph Lundgren.

  • Iron Mike

    Was hoping for MIB's "Noisy Cricket." Certainly in power-to-size ratio it's one of the all time best.

  • JMo

    No RoboCop Auto-9? I get it's not as outrageous as most of these entries and it's really just an automatic Glock, but still–as a kid, it was the coolest thing. AND IT CAME OUT OF HIS THIGH.

    • Shalimar

      Actually it was built in a Beretta 93R not a Glock.

  • Dave Adams

    Good choice on #1. Did you know the BSG pistols were based on this design? It just goes to reinforce your point about how influential the design elements of that movie are.

  • doug

    how about the one on judge dredd. doug

  • SteveB

    Hmm I thought hanguns were… well handguns! One of the list is at best a carbine or a full on assault rifle! Seriously though have to agree with #1, but if we are having carbines included then the Colonial Marine (from Battlestar Galactica) standard issue rifle should be up there as after all it's a carbine that we can all own and use (Better known as the Beretta CX4) What better Sci-Fi 'handgun' can you have than one you can own and shoot with?? :)

  • joe

    I always liked the Storm Troopers blaster that looked like a Sten without the side-mag.

    • Wade Huggins

      They were a Sten without the side-mag.

  • gquaglia

    The cool thing about the Logan's Run DS gun was that the prop really did shoot out the flames. Calcium Carbine mixed with water in the rear chamber created acetylene gas, then pushed passed a glow plug near the muzzle created the effect.

  • really?

    I think you must have forgotten about Robocop's AUTO 9.

  • Art Woosley

    There is no place to store a weapon in the Chevy Volt. No wonder it is a failure and does not sell.

  • Twinkie

    I loved Deckard's gun! It also has insane stopping power. I can say that when I was 6 or so and saw this movie for the first time the main thing I remembered was Deckard's simply insane gun. What a cool movie.. the designs and setting is as iconic as sci-fi can get.

  • Randy Bauer

    Ok, what about the Calico M951 that the Drewish Princess used in Spaceballs. Pretty neat, since I have one and got it at the factory in Bakersfield, way way back.

  • Jay Eimer

    I have one that missed the list – probably because the book was never made into a movie – but Lazarus Long carried a 75mm (yes, millimeter, not caliber) Recoilless Pistol.

    I always imagined it as a one-handed semi-auto bazooka. But careful how you hold it!

  • Greg

    Truth is….. Even the oldest model Phazer beats em all. Shoulda dissected the Phazer line progression through the Star Trek movies. Seeing that evolution would have been very interesting. I know it would have been a pain and not a small amount of work, but it likely would have given you several of your top units.

  • Snug

    Go back a few more years and read e.e."doc" smith's "Lensman" series of books,it was the inspiration for "Startrek" ;nothing beats a DeLamiter!

  • Michael Hon

    The Zat from Stargate

  • ET44

    With all the talk about sub-compacts today, I can't believe the "Noisy Cricket" from Men In Black wasn't on the list! :-)

  • guest

    Just for fun it's worth mentioning Joe Piscopo's .88 Magnum from Johnny Dangerously. It Shoots through schools.

  • Wade Huggins

    He's right. Number 2 should have been number 1. When I think of a laser pistol, that's the one I think of. And it's a DL-44, not just "Han Solo's blaster".

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