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Handguns’ Favorite Stories of 2014

by Handguns Online Staff   |  January 14th, 2015 0

With the new year underway, our staff here at Handguns is looking ahead to what 2015 has in store for the industry and for our readers. But before completely moving on, we’d like to wrap up 2014 by highlighting some our best stories.

The articles presented below received the most traffic and comments out of all those posted over the course of 2014. You might also want to learn more or reexamine a story that’s particularly interesting.

These are our some of our favorites from 2014:

10. 9 Misconceptions About Handgun Lasers


There’s a lot of misinformation out there when it comes to lasers designed for handguns. Find out nine of the most common misconceptions and their counterpoints.

9. 12 Best Combat Pistols Available Today


There are many great combat-inspired pistols on the market. See our picks for the 12 best.

8. Comfy Carry: Solutions to Common Carry Problems


Finding a comfortable method of carry can be challenging for some and may even prevent individuals from carrying at all. Learn several solutions to common carry problems.

7. Best New Personal Defense Handgun Ammo for 2014


Each year manufacturers introduce a host of new ammo offerings, and there were plenty in 2014. Check out the best new personal defense ammo from last year.

6. 9 Great Long Slide 9mm Pistols


Long slide handguns have dominated the competition markets for some time, but there are a growing number of consumers buying them for target shooting and home defense as well. Read here to learn about 9 great long slide 9mms.

5. 6 Reasons Why Modern Defensive Ammo is Better Than Ever


Advances in technology continue to improve the quality and performance of defensive ammo offerings. Find out why today’s modern self-defense ammo is better than ever.

4. The Best .380 Pistols Right Now


Trends in modern ammo technology are allowing smaller cartridges to deliver greater energy and expansion to their targets. The .380 is a capable round, despite some people’s objections about its stopping power. Check out our list of the best .380s available now.

3. 9 Great Concealed Carry Belts


It’s essential to have the right belt when it comes to concealed carry. Check out our list of nine great concealed carry belts that will perform as needed.

2. Best Self-Defense Revolvers Available Today


Semiautos are the most popular choice for many of today’s shooters, but there are also some great revolvers on the market for self-defense purposes. Check out our list of some of the best self-defense revolvers available now.

1. Best New Carry Guns for 2014


A whole new collection of carry guns was introduced in 2014. Find out what were some of the best new carry guns of the year.

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