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12 Best Combat Pistols Available Today

by Brad Fitzpatrick   |  June 30th, 2014 28

Glock-17In practice, combat pistol shooting focuses on defensive handgun deployment for personal protection or sport.

Today’s crop of quality combat pistols include a combination of designs that are more than a century old, as well as new models utilizing modern polymers.

Many of these guns feature ambidextrous controls, accessory rails and corrosion-resistant finishes. Additionally, the need to accommodate shooters of all sizes has prompted many companies to offer interchangeable grip inserts. Design features vary from one model to the next, but what they do have in common is utter reliability under the worst conditions.

Ultimately, the choice of which one suits you best is largely a matter of taste and preference. Here’s a look at 12 of the best combat pistols available today.

  • Ergo

    the cz75 is the most widely fielded service pistol worldwide and you stick the polymer abomination on the list. Are you guys even trying anymore?

    • ComeAndTakeIt

      Take it easy Ergo…The Glock has earned its place on the list of Best Combat Pistols.

      • smitty yego manjensen

        hes talking about the p-09 not glocks

    • Euron Pacificus

      the cz75 is the most widely overrated Eastern European crap Ive ever held in my hands. Thanks, but Ill stick to German/Austrian plastic guns any day of the year.

  • rebart

    I agree with Ergo, the CZ75 is one of the finest pistols ever made.

    • peter

      Anyone who is serious about this genre knows that the “best” is totally dependent on the person holding the weapon!
      Obviously there are NO customs here as most of us cannot afford the ransom! Kimber isn’t here,the Springfield 1911′s aren’t here(TRP),various 1911′s,Colt is not here and a number of others like Beretta,S+W et al do Not appear here,H+K isn’t here,so,there are many people who swear by what they own or wish they owned which are NOT here!

      Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder so,those who claim to KNOW what’s the best are just needing some love,some respect but you won’t get it from me as I own what I deem the best for ME!

      • bigwigunguy

        Well said Peter, well said! It’s is too easy for loudmouths with big egos to spout off about how others are wrong. Just offer your opinion about what is best for you and back it down a bit. If I can control and shoot my favorite accurately I can inflict any necessary hurt to defend myself.

        • peter

          Thanks bigwig!!
          You sound like my kind of guy!

    • George Estepp

      I agree. I have fired A CZ 52 in 7.62×25 and it is one sweet pistol.I do wish it held A couple more rounds but its awesome. CZ makes great pistols of excellent quality

  • 2War Abn Vet

    I pounced on the CZ P-09 (in .40) as soon as I could acquire one, and was disappointed to fund the trigger pull to be anything but “crisp”.
    Oh well, I guess I’ve been spoiled by decades with the M1911.

  • Charles Kiser

    As always, the very best gun was left out. The Steyr M-A1 and family will perform with the $1000 guns and sell for 1/2 that.

  • bigdukesix101

    Can’t stand the slide release on the M&P9 just ruins a great gun.


    As an 80 year old (revolver six-shot shooting) sheriff,.. I am still a bit nervous about automatics for fear of “jamming” at the wrong time, and it is all over, but the more I hear you younger dudes talk, I am still thinking about trying for a 1911 -.45 auto…..maybe shoting one will change my mind…..think?
    S&W, Remington, Colt, Browning, or ???

    • EDK

      Stay with made in USA name. The Ruger SR1911 and Remington R1 are very good performers and fantastic values. Colt 1911′s are good but over priced. S&W enhanced 1911′s require a higher investment, but are high quality. Stay away from barrels under 5″. 1911′s with barrels under 5″ are where operating problems start. They require specific ammo be used. Always clean and lubricate your 1911 before going to the range. 1911′s should always be properly lubricated. Dirty or low lubrication lead to failures to feed or eject. Also, keep magazines clean. Do not leave a magazine loaded for long periods as that will weaken the spring, leading to feeding issues.

      • BIGEAGLE

        EDK: Appreciate your advise…thank you….

        • Town22

          I’m a 1911 user (Wilson Combat). I second EDK’s statement and advice. John Moses Browning creation will
          hook you.

      • Jim Tebo

        I shoot a Kimber well three of them and my favorite is the Kimber ultra, 1911 style with a 3″ barrel, never had a operating problem. lubrication should be at a minimum as it can collect dirt, sand, a gun cleaning after shooting them is always a great idea.

    • Guest

      dude there talking about stupid air guns not the real thing

      • BigEagle

        and your point is ? I made a statement about my thoughts on:
        any automatic weapons…..I never mentioned air guns….

  • USPatriotOne

    I really wonder about all these blog post? I have been firing Hands Guns from .22 LR to .44 Mags for the last 40 years and one of the best hand guns for the price on the market today is the EAA SAR B6P 9mm. The gun is well balanced and fires true with little effort and it holds 17 rounds. Many of the hand guns presented on this list have a lot more issues then EAA SAR B6P and the B6P is very reliable for a 20% to 40% less than many of the hand guns listed here, and the B6P is used by Military’s and Police all around the World. And another high quality hand gun is the Ruger 24/7 2 in .40 cal and is used by Police all over this Country.

  • daveguyette

    This list is faulty. As others have pointed out, the excellent CZ 75 is not on the list, and the miserable, crappy M9/M92 is. I have gone into combat with the M9 (and my son has too). It made me wish that I could have traded it for a rusty .38 revolver from the 1940′s.

    • p

      really…seriously. That makes one of us. I’d pick my 92 over any handguns hear because I trained on it.

  • Drop Point Tactical

    I think the Beretta PX4 should be high on this list – ergonomically, and becasue of its rotating-barrel technology. Its just a very user-friendly handgun, and should replace the M9.

  • Tim Woodruff

    The best combat handgun is the one that is good for one shot one kill ! To me if you have to shoot 16 rounds without knowing where those tounds are going you are in trouble . If I pull out my single action 45 Long colt, or my single action 44 mag. I intend to hit my target with one shot ! If you do not have a good handgun and plenty of practice no amount of ammo will help you . I watched a video of an officer that was killed . He had 14 shots in his semi auto . Got the fever got nervous , emptied his gun . The criminal dodged the officers shots and came around the side of the car and shot the officer before the officer could re-load . Throwing out a bunch of lead will not secure your safety . Practice , practice,practice . To be safe is to hit your target with extra rounds left over for the just in case . Then there is the back up gun ! Like anything else things can break . In a fire fight always have a back up plan .

    • Jim Tebo

      and when you think that you have practiced enough practice some more, when the cops shot at the Boston bomber while he was in a boat they fired 1500 rounds at him and never hit him. I am sure that they didn’t know were all those shots were going, just that they were shooting. One shot one kill, like the man said when you pull out your gun, you are doing it to stop someone, not to wound them, not to fire a round over their head, or into the ground, but to fire center mass, and stop them, dead in their tracks.

    • Detour

      A handgun is only used to fight your way to your rifle.

  • SigJac

    “The best combat pistols” and no Sphinx SDP ? More like “the best known pistols”.

  • Combatdude

    I carry S&W M&P 9mm 17 round ..the best pistol easy to conceal …

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