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Hide With a Wild Side: Exotic Holsters

by Brad Fitzpatrick 0

Leather holsters have been used for ages because they offer reliable weapon retention, durability, comfort and aesthetics. Many designs and… more »


How to Care for Leather Holsters

by Brad Fitzpatrick 0

Many shooters like the look and feel of leather holsters for concealed carry, and leather holsters also have several attractive advantages…. more »


Best New Carry Guns for 2014

by Handguns Online Staff 4

With the expansion of right-to-carry laws across the country, gun owners are focusing on smaller, lighter pistols for personal protection…. more »

Handguns Best Gun Reviews of 2013

Handguns’ Best Gun Reviews of 2013

by Handguns Online Staff 1

Our trigger fingers have been busy again this year to bring you exclusive gun reviews on an arsenal of firearms…. more »


The Best Iron Sights for Concealed Carry Pistols

by Brad Fitzpatrick 8

As more Americans take advantage of their right to carry concealed firearms, a new crop of aftermarket iron sights has… more »


Handguns 2013 Holiday Gift Guide

by J. Scott Rupp 1

We all need new stuff. Always. Otherwise, what’s the point of even having a hobby like shooting? And if you’re… more »


The Best Rimfire Trail Guns on the Market

by Joseph von Benedikt 9

A great trail gun is light, accurate, reliable and, most of all, useful. And though it may chap some shooters… more »


7 ‘Innovative’ Handgun Cartridges that Failed

by Patrick Sweeney 23

There’s something in the DNA of some gun guys, a genetic compulsion that they cannot resist: They have to tinker,… more »


8 Popular Drop-In Glock Mods

by Dusty Gibson 14

Gaston Glock never intended to create “perfection”. Instead, the curtain-rod engineer with a background in synthetic polymers wanted to design… more »


8 Best Handgun Training Targets Right Now

by Handguns Online Staff 6

Before your next trip to the shooting range, make a list of what you want to practice and head out… more »

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