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S&W M&P Shield Gets Crimson Trace Laser Upgrade

by Handguns Online Staff   |  January 27th, 2015 5

Smith & Wesson is upgrading its M&P Shield for 2015, supplying a new version with a factory-installed green Laserguard sight from Crimson Trace.

The M&P Shield has become quite popular for concealed carry and personal defense, and the addition of a new Crimson Trace green laser sight enhances its versatility in daytime and nighttime scenarios. The Laserguard laser sight features Crimson Trace’s patented Instinctive Activation, with the laser being activated whenever the pistol is held in a natural firing grip.

Crimson Trace’s green laser unit is powered by one 1/3N Lithium battery, giving a battery life of 2 hours.

The green lasers will be factory installed on M&P Shield 9mm and .40 S&W pistols for $598 each, or as a separate aftermarket laser unit for $299.


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