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First Look: Heckler & Koch VP9

by Handguns Online Staff   |  June 11th, 2014 17

Heckler-koch_hk_vp9_19Hecker & Koch (HK) has introduced the VP9, their first striker-fired pistol since the P7-series was introduced in the 1980s.

In development for four years, the HK VP9 is built from a polymer frame with similar functionalities and ergonomics we’ve become familiar with in the HK P30. Some of those features include interchangeable grip panels, Picatinny rails and completely ambidextrous controls—the magazine release and slide lever are accessible from both sides of the frame. It also accepts the same 10- and 15-round steel magazines as the P30.

Weighing 26.56-ounces unloaded, the VP9 has a 4.09-inch cold hammer-forged barrel with a polygonal bore profile. A 6.38-inch sight radius separates three-dot luminescent sights that are also available with tritium upgrades. The VP9’s carbon-nitride finished steel slide includes charging supports near the slide serrations for useful manipulation.

The 5.4-pound trigger pull was designed with a single-action style break that HK has engineered to reduce pre-travel. Similar to many striker-fired pistols, a trigger safety latch must be engaged before pulling the trigger.

Additional safety features include a firing pin block, a heavy-duty extractor that also functions as a loaded chamber indicator, and a cocking indicator on the rear of the slide.

The VP9 is expected to be available in July 2014 for an MSRP of $719. For more information, check out the specs and photos below, and stay tuned for the full review in an upcoming issue of Handguns.

Caliber: 9mm Luger
Operating Principle: Recoil-Operated
Action Type: Browning type, modified linkless locking system
Trigger System: Striker Fired
Magazine: 10- or 15-round steel P30
Length: 7.34 inches
Width: 1.32 inches
Height: 5.41 inches
Barrel Length: 4.09 inches
Weight (unloaded): 26.56 ounces
Trigger Weight: 5.4 pounds
Trigger Travel: .24 inches
Return Travel: .12 inches
Barrel Profile: Polygonal, 6-groove, 1-in-9.8 RH

  • labby2

    Will this be offered in .40 S&W? Will there be a long slide edition like there is for the P30? Thanks for the info!

  • Rick

    Looks just like another P-30 to me. How do I know…..,I own one !
    Why waste more of your money on something that is ALREADY out there ?

    • Patriot

      Definitely not the same. The trigger on this gun is awesome! And I hate striker fired pistols.

    • Luke

      yeah….except its striker fired, like a modern pistol. i’m fairly certain hammers are a vestigial relic from revolver days.

  • K Bisher

    What is the projected MSRP, does HK have plans to sell it in CA, and does it have an external safety?

    • Patriot

      $719 No external safety but I’ve heard they will follow with a “safe” model. It can be made ca compliant but I’m not sure on distribution.

  • Marlinlever

    I like H&K’s, but I truly dislike finger groove grips. Is the front strap interchangeable? Also, I have not figured out a good fast way to use the paddle magazine release. I will say it basically elemenates the chance of an accidental magazine release when carrying concealed. I think Walther was smart to introduce the tried and true push button mag release onits newest pistol ( ppq or ppx?).

    • Luke

      Most people use their middle finger of the right hand(right handed shooter) to push the release down.

      • Marlinlever

        I’ve tried that and it just doesnt feel natural, to me anyways. I also like to use my shooting hand Index finger, I’m right handed, to hit a right side magazine release, that allows the smallest amount of grip movement for my thick yet not extra long fingers. Could you describe your technique in detail?

    • Caligula

      Finger grooves usually suck for me, e.g., Glock. But if these are like the grips on the p30, I’ll love them. I think the paddle is superior to the button; it’s just a matter of training. But once you get used to it, it’s lightning fast. The VP9 looks like the child of a P30 and a Walther PPX IMO.

    • ScottGunn

      I have paddle magazine release on my HK45, and i love it. Maybe its personal prefference but it seems like a natural motion for me. I just slide my thumb down to activate mine, quick motion without the need to adjust grip.

    • Tyranticus

      I had a PPQ M2, hated it, loved the gun, but the button mag release was crap. Traded it in for a PPQ M1 and couldn’t be happier with the firearm. With the M2 accidental mag drops were a big issue, with the paddle M1 never once. Glad it works for you but the PPQ M1 is by far my favorite side arm. Can’t say enough good stuff about the PPQ M1.

  • TC

    1.32″ width. There goes any chance of ccw with an iwb system.

    • Paracord Pro

      1.32 for the hk 1.18 for the glock so .014 of a inch….Really

  • Dirty Devan Hammerhand

    It great looking gun I would love have one.

  • fsilber

    The magazine article says “…the VP9 is an all-new design, one that takes full advantage of the striker-fired trigger system, which allows for a much lower bore than you’ll find on any other HK pistol.” Perhaps the author, James Tarr, meant to say “on any other HK pistol in _current_ production.” Pistols in the HK P7 series have the lowest bore axis of _any_ auto-pistol I know of (see:

    He also mentions that the “Koch” of “Heckler & Koch” is pronounced “coke”. This is not the first time I’ve heard that, but I am curious as to what kind of German dialect they speak in Oberndorf, because in standard German it would rhyme with the Scottish word “loch” (meaning lake) — which most Americans find pretty much unpronounceable due to the general lack of guttural consonants in English. (The closest sound to the German “ch” in English would be “H” in the name “Hugo” — but in German it would be more in the back of the throat.)

  • Panzer

    A very smart thing is how it can use existing magazines. Thats where walther seems to have messed up on the P99/ppx/ppq , was it really hard to make none of them with cross compatible magazines…..guess it was nice excuse to charge more for the magazines.

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