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Worst Case Scenario: The Trayvon Martin Case

by James Tarr   |  May 4th, 2012 90

At the request of my online editor, I am very hesitantly going to discuss the Trayvon Martin case, only because it has huge teachable potential to anyone thinking about carrying a gun for self defense.


The Trayvon Martin case is just about the ultimate Worst Case Scenario, a “Perfect Storm” if you will when it comes to a concealed carry confrontation (one where the shooter survives).  I am not talking about the actual physical confrontation, but rather the aftermath.


I don’t know what happened that night in Florida, and neither does anyone else.  The only person who knows exactly what happened is George Zimmerman, and even he might be fuzzy on a few things from the photos I’ve seen of his bloody head.  That fact, however, has apparently been lost on everyone who is screaming about race or gun control or Castle Doctrine.  It’s not that I don’t have strong opinions on what I think is going on with this case, it’s that I recognize that’s what they are—opinions.  Let’s look at some facts.


If you carry a gun for self-defense, and get involved in a shooting, odds are you will be sued, either by the person you’ve shot, or their surviving family members.  You should also assume that, no matter how clear cut a case of self-defense it was, that you will be put in handcuffs at the scene, arrested, and treated by the authorities like a criminal.


I am not mentioning these items to dissuade anyone from carrying a gun for self-defense—it’s far better to be on trial for shooting someone than to be dead—but rather to make sure nobody has any false illusions about how the justice system in our country can and often does work.

VOTE: Does the Trayvon Martin case demonstrate a flaw with Castle Doctrine/Stand Your Ground laws?

Once done defending yourself in court (post bail costs and attorney fees), if you find yourself a free man or woman, there is a good chance you will be sued in civil court.  Even if you win, you will have more attorney fees.  No matter what the verdict in George Zimmerman’s criminal trial, I would not be surprised if he gets sued by family members of Trayvon Martin.  I predicted to friends that Zimmerman would be charged with civil rights violations by Eric Holder’s Justice Department if he wasn’t charged by local authorities, and that still may happen.  Again, Zimmerman is living through the Worst Case Scenario of a shooting aftermath, and while it is unlikely that most people who get involved in a self-defense shooting will suffer the same kind of attention, everyone who carries a gun needs to know that it is possible.


It may turn out that a number of people who have leaked information about this case to the press have straight-out lied.  People lie in court all the time.  You cannot control what other people do, only what you do.  Get some documented training, call 9-1-1 either during or as soon as practical after a confrontation, and when the authorities show up, just remember that anything you say can and most likely will be used against you in a court of law.


Protect yourself, protect your loved ones, and if you ever find yourself facing a media lynching or being accused in the press of all sorts of things that just aren’t true, maybe your only recourse will be knowing you did the right thing when the time came.

  • Bob Geller

    Also, for your own safety, place your gun visibly between your feet, possibly holding it down with one, and put your hands as far away as possible from it! Holding your ID card up for the officers to see cannot hurt you!

    • Dan

      Uh, I wouldn't have ANYTHING in my hands!! Empty hands are your best defense against suicide by cop events.

    • Angry Customer

      The Klan also murdered innocent men, women and children because the color of their skin.

      I am a minority who is a gun owner and member of the NRA. I subscribed to your magazine and I have yet to receive an issue. The email that lead me to this article is the first piece of content that I have ever read from your publication.

      If this is an actual writer for this publication praising the KKK and not mentioning their murderous, cowaradly history I am highly disappointed. I will be asking for a refund of my subscription.

      • Alan_T

        @ Angry Customer , That isn;t the real James Tarr , it's some ass playing like he is .

  • Ronald K Hixson


    • ken

      Question, If both involved were Black or white or mexican, would this incident even have made the national news.

      • BJC

        No it would not, there are a lot of killings that are same race you don't hear about and there are several killings that are Black or Latino killing a white person that you don't hear about because there is no raciest sensationalism to report. But anytime a Black person is killed by someone other than another Black person than Jessy and Al jump on the band wagon and start preaching racism and gets the country all in an uproar.

        • Ray

          Thank you for pointing out the obvious since most who want to hang Zimmerman and other shooters seem to have missed this. Even if the dead person is a dirt bag, the relatives -who have no facts as to the incident – suddenly remember what a "great person" the thug was. And of course, they file a civil suit for as much money as the attorney can pursue. IT TIME FOR THE SHOOTER TO COUNTERSUE THE RELATIVES FOR FRIVILOUS CHARGES. HOW MANY RELATIVES WOULD SUE THE SHOOTER IF THE RISK WAS ALL OF THEM TO LOOSE EVERYTHING AND GO TO JAIL?

        • Brian P.

          Currently, there is a lot of black on white crime that is not being reported. Many of the perpetrators are claiming "Justice for Trayvon." It is despicable the way the MSM is handling the way crime is reported. Even Attorney General Eric Holder has publicly claimed he is not going to persue black on white crime, and the media is holding his water for him.

      • Lakecityboy

        Probably not, since the media wouldn't have had anything to fan the flames with. Sad…

    • ARsrule

      You kin to Butt-Slurper? No I bet you are Butt- Slurper.

  • Will Carry

    Excellent commentary. Thanks. Just remember: NEVER TALK TO POLICE until you have a lawyer representing you by your side. Be polite but be silent. Police are experts at interrogation. Would you get into a boxing ring with a professional boxer?

    • Thomas

      The commentary is encouraging people to take a bullet or beating, for fear of legal complications.What Mr. Tarr is suggesting is to not stand up to , or resist an attack. One who believes this, really doesn't value his/her own life or the lives of people close to him/her..His suggestion of "doing the right thing" in this country is becoming less and less relevant.
      My question is, what are you to do, if the perp is grabbing your, child and kidnapping the child. He is running from you. Legally it is interpreted that the perp is not threatening "YOU", but if you save your child, you are not justified in using deadly force? NOW,in this country probably not !

      • Gitarzan

        You must have read a different article than the one above….

      • BJC

        Every state is different but where I live (Ohio) if you believe your life or someone elses life is threatened you have the right to use deadly force. If I see someone grab my child and try to kidnap them that's threatening there life and if possible I would use deadly force to save them.

      • MacTex

        Not at all what he is saying. What he is attempting to do is prepare you for what WILL occur following a shooting, justified or not. And rightly so, do we really want the authorities to treat the taking of a human life lightly? What if the victum is your son, brother, father – YOU? Do you expect the LEOs to simply take the shooters word for it and cut him loose? Shooting someone is a drastic measure, one that should be utilized only as an absolute last resort. Regardless of what you see in the movies, or in the video games, or what you and your buddies have convinced yourself of, it is not going to be 'yippie-ki-yay' following a shooting, it is going to be 'Oh my god' and your life will never be the same again. And, the last thing you want to do if someone is running while holding your loved is take shot at them – you have just as much chance of hitting the loved one as the 'perp' (Good Lord, is everyone a member of CSIm now?)

      • Patrick Wickersham

        we already have a perfectly screwed up scenario, lets not be making new ones. It does sound like hes saying your life will be easier, if you let him kill you. But I think he was just sayng not to expect a pat on the fanny for it. the legal victimization will now begin. Fact they want to outlaw guns. Fact they will use anything that can be ginned up in to a tragedy. shoot the perp before he grabs your child. Lets see how this plays out. Florida has surprised us before. Lets not forget, 1st state with legalized concealed carry, and they passed the Castle doctrine. Wait and see.

    • Thomas

      Seems as though Will Carry has never been shot !

  • Thomas

    This demonstrates the possibility , that criminality, and legal greed, reigns supreme in our ? "Great America", land of the free to shaft your fellow man, who just wants to be left alone, and be able to defend himself. The answer " just take the bullet" from the perp and die, then everyone is happy ! We are becoming hopeless. I never in the past felt this way before

  • Rob

    "No matter what the verdict in George Zimmerman’s criminal trial, I would not be surprised if he gets sued by family members of Trayvon Martin."

    Under Florida law, if he is exonerated of the criminal charges at any point, he becomes immune to civil suit. So he can only be sued if he's found guilty in his criminal case.

    • Andy

      Better to be judged by 12 then carried by six.

  • Wayne

    Wow handguns Magazine $13.00 for a 12 issue subscription in the USA and $39.00 for the same thing in Canada? Triple the price! Are you nutso? I guess you can keep it.

    • Barry Pinkerton

      Rosen, are a bunch of Caucasians defending a Mexican against the death of a black perp really racists?

      • Jim

        It wouldn't be racist if he was actually Mexican :-)

        • Dewayne

          He is fully as much Hispanic as our President is Black.

      • Don Meaker

        His mother is from Peru. George is a Democrat.

    • Dave

      Wayne in Canada…what does the price of the magazine have to do with this subject? I paid just over $20 and I'm in Canada.

      • Wayne

        Dave in Canada… this was as good a place as any to whine about the subscription price in Canada . Got a problem with that? Too Bad!

  • Dave

    Ho hum! Defend yourself and your family! Enough said!

  • DD2000

    I have no racial feelings about this at all. However my sixth sense is on overdrive because of the photo of the kid. Why use a picture from years before in the campaign ? Unless you are manufacturing something not true.
    For me once somebody lies, then I doubt all they say.
    I hope that justice is done and if Zimmerman is guilty he gets life, if not I hope he gets his life back.

    • MacTex

      Regardless of the outcome, he will never get his life back. That is the whole point of this artilce. Don;t be in such a hurry to shoot someone – the life you save may be your own… For all the talk for 'justice', 'doing the right thing', and 'making a stand',it sure seems that human life has lost it's value. Some of you folks need to grow up, shooting someone is the LAST resort.

      • StoneChief

        Yeah, like having your head repeatedly smashed against a hard surface.

      • MR CHAOS

        i live in fla…. from rumors going around this kid was not the innocent 13 year old shown in his white hoodie. he was 17 going 18, 6 ft. 2" tall, gang tattos and gold teeth and his mother sent him up from miami to sanford to stay with his dad because he was running with a bad gang in miami. these are only rumors!!..but the news media is too liberal down here and do not tell you the truth!… the use of the deadly weapon is up to debate. when i took my CWL class the instructor held up a small can of pepper spray and told us this your best weapon in a simular situation……and you won't go to jail

    • adecker44

      DD2000 – the photo was used b/c the article isn't about who was right/wrong in this shooting…James clearly states that. He doesn't dive into opinions on the matter – readers, other media have taken care of that in spades. The point of his article, which he so clearly pointed out, was to discuss what can be learned from a self-defense shooting…the aftermath involved.

  • Win

    Even in this article they continue to show the picture of Trayvon from years ago. Why doesn't anyone show the current pictures of him in his 'thug' poses with his 'tats'. Not so innocent looking…over 6 feet tall and a football jock. Check elsewhere on the net for pics:

    • Joe

      I understand this is not the totality of your point, but I'm over 6' tall and have a very athletic build…oh, and I have "tats". Does that make me a "[n]ot so innocent looking" person too? Wait, I'm white, I guess that makes everything okay. I'm in no way commenting on the innocence nor guilt of Mr. Martin nor Mr. Zimmerman, just your comment.

      • Sam

        Win was making a comment on the way the liberal news media protrays minority ciriminals to make them look innocent. That is ALL he was saying so I am having a bit of problem with why you felt you had to express your "gumby" whiteness. I will say that I am sick of the fact that minorities are full of the highest percentages of criminals and they prey mostly on their OWN folks. And it has NOTHING to do with being "poor and downtrodden". I am not all white and am 6' 3" and this makes people afraid of me and you know what? I understand it. It is time for the Sharptons and the Jacksons and B Obama and M Obama to start speaking and addressing the TRUTH. They hide the facts and make incidents a racial issue to propagate their political careers.

        • Joe

          I dont disagree with most of what you said, Sam. My biggest issue was that his comment seemed to tip toe aound saying that tatted up jocks types = not inoccent looking. As far the fact that I am white, maybe misplaced, more a reaction to the other craptastic comments and misplaced in my response to Win. I am curious as to why you said my whitness is "gumby". I don't get the refernce. You def get two thumbs up on Sharpton and Jackson being hate-mongers and a general waste of oxygen. Thank you for a reasonable and articulate response.

          • Al Brady

            Enough, Joe. Sam spoke clearly and made a valid point. You, on the other hand, are just prattling.

          • Don Meaker

            After you hear of someone involved in a crime, you look for corroberating data. unless you are navy or merchant marine,…..

      • Patrick Wickersham

        Objection your honor, irrelevant! sustained…

  • oldbill

    Most people, law enforcement and civilian alike, myself included, understand there is a right to defend one's self and family, in the home environment. You should not have to flee your home if it is invaded by a criminal. You should not have to stand by and watch your wife and child be threatened, assaulted, or murdered. Once we walk off of our property, we enter a gray area. I avoid going out at night or going someplace where I think I need a gun, just to be safe. But I have to function away from home for necessary business. So, I carry. If someone comes up to me and shows intent to harm or rob me, or my family, while we are out in public, I won't hesitate to do what is necessary to protect them and myself. I avoid crowds where possible. Once we are beyond home and doing necessary business, it is no longer a gray area. I don't bother people in my neighborhood unless they are actually on my property. If I am stalking someone in my neighborhood, I don't know how they will react. That was the case in Florida. Mr. Zimmerman would not have had Mr. Martin assault him, if that is what happened, had he turned around and gone home. That is what the police suggested he do. Don't pursue the suspect.

    • Captain Bob

      George was doing his job (Neighborhood Watch captain) and did it correctly. He noticed a suspicious person and called 911, telling the Dispatcher that he was following the person. The Dispatcher said "You don't need to do that" (No order not to; No suggestioin not to) George then told the D. he was returning to hus truck and was walking back to it when Martin came up to him and confronted him. I don't see anything that a normal person in George's position would have done differently up to that point.
      Then Martin brought the situation over the edge by physically attacking George.

    • Thomas

      I thought he was representing a neighborhood watch group, and a neighborhood which had been burglarized previously. It is a sad commentary that we have to be afraid of leaving out homes.

  • Doug

    I thought that Florida law protected against civil suit is a shooting was deemed justified?

    • Guest

      it SHOULD! But remember, if it is called a HATE or RACIST crime, all bets are off. And this is EXACTLY what the media and the Black organizations are trying to do. Remember, the way this is going, FACTS HAVE NO RELEVANCE!

  • Frank

    From what I have read Mr Zimmerman had turned around and was walking back to his vehicle when attacked by Trayvon. Of course the only person who knows what happened is George!!!

  • Moigy

    It seems as if everyone imagines him(her)self to be not only an attorney but a sooth sayer as well.
    To me, several things are clear:
    1. The judicial system will be the forum to sort things out. While the courts are not perfect, they are the best things that we have to try to obtain justice.
    2. Laws vary from state to state and often from county or city/town within a state.
    3. Know the laws of the jurisdiction you are in, whether armed or not. To obey the rules, you must know them.

    • Thomas

      Like the Anthony case, sorted things out. I suppose we are to iknow the laws of anywhere we happen to travel.

  • Bruce

    I think like a lot of you. If I am attacked then I will defend myself no matter what. If I can walk and get away with walking then you can bet I am walking. The consequence of pulling that trigger is going to be high no matter what, we are seeing that in the news all over the place. A lot of pro gun sites are trying to remind us what to expect and how to handle it.. I think all the author was trying to do was remind us of what may be ahead if we need to defend ourselves. I pretty well mind my own business but trouble has come my way. I have gotten older so the logical choice is to carry. The article is ok for me, I just resent the information not the messenger.

    • MacTex

      Well said.

  • pixelburner

    I still don't understand why so many people insist that Zimmerman did not heed the dispatchers suggestion. He has told police numerous times that he was returning to his vehicle when confronted by Martin. Even one of the lead investigators for the prosecution admitted in court that they had no evidence to contradict that statement.

    So far, the only publicly released evidence that might contradict that story is the phone call recording. However, that audio has been interpreted many different ways, especially by those who have something to gain by hearing what they want to hear. In addition, one can argue that in order to "follow" somebody, you have to know where the target is. Otherwise, you're "searching". I know… semantics. But it's a little tiring to hear that Zimmerman was "stalking" Martin like a hunter would stalk his prey, when that's obviously a false narrative that the media has shoved down our throats.

    I'm not saying that it's impossible that Zimmerman followed Trayvon, but unless the prosecution has some ace up it's sleeve, it will be hard to prove that he was.

  • Alan_T

    A well written and thought out article Mr . Tarr .

  • Stan S

    Seems to me like the media got a hold of it and blurred the facts, ignoring others, why do they insist on showing such a 'nice' photo of Trayvon?! Never heard about this case today as I don't watch the news for that very reason. Seems to me like George was pounced on, defended himself, then the media pounced on him – how do you defend against the media?

    • Alan_T

      They sure did Stan …….. I don't trust anything that's on ABC , NBC , CBS or CNN , they ALL lie , distort and fabricate to suit their political agendas !

  • Retired and Tired

    Zimmerman will not go to trial; there is no case against him because of Florida's laws. When that happens there will be rioting – by the same people who celebrated O. J. Simpson's exoneration. Then there will be civil suits and lawyers getting rich. What's new?

    • Marc


  • Bob S

    The media first came out with the description of G. Zimmerman being a "White Hispanic". Do you think the rascist agenda started in the media early?
    Maybe they dropped the description when they realized it would be akin to calling Mr. Obama a white black.
    If Zimmerman is guilty, he should pay severely. If he is innocent, don't sacrifice him on the alter of liberal agenda.
    Personally, I think a case could be made for both acting inappropriately.

  • Vicki

    He will go on trial and will be railroaded. To much attention for the politicians to let go!!

  • StoneChief

    If I am confronted by an unsavory character of any ethnicity and feel threatened, I will try to walk away. If the punk follows me and confronts me again with any kind of weapon, I will freakin' blow him away. The End!

  • Sam

    Lesson learned!?!. Maybe some of this was mentions but here goes. I have in more than 30 years and I guess few people do so maybe there is a reason for the TOTAL lack of understanding as to why Mr. Zimmerman WAS NOT ARRESTED. He was only arrested now because of a racist adminstration and a number of its likenesses found in the carpetbaggers and the parasites they have been creating for the last 50 years. It is TIME to start standing ground and calling the REAL RACISTS on the carpet. I do not believe Mr. Zimmerman did ANYTHING wrong except for turning his back on Martin. Lets look at a few things. This all happened around 2 am. Hmmmm, just the time of night you think your HONEST son should be walking around in a community he knows no one in? Hmm, and it is raining, Oh yeah, a community that had been missing items lately. Hmmm, a "nice boy that ONLY seems to have been kicked out of school for drugs, possibly selling. Oh, and someone is racist because they say he was wearing a "hoodie". Let me clue you in. This has become a style from the gangs. Yeah, that's right, it is used to HIDE YOUR FACE from people and cameras.

    • Dee

      Or maybe he was wearing a hoodie cause it was raining like you stated?

    • Patrick Wickersham

      was he wearing a white sweatshirt, like in the Bambi picture. Or was he wearing a dark or black sweatshirt? I have a strong suspicion the reason we havent seen the updated photo is because its a mug shot. Or closely matches one. I notice they had no conpunction about showing Zimmerman in his tho… and the big white guy with the tattoos? were you there cause your whining like you were vitimized..

  • pock

    my question is this… if he gets aquited from this case will he be able to carry again and will his second ammendment be fully restored back to his person …. i kno it will deter lots of people once you shoot some one to carry again but with all the threats and all the blackpanthers bounty on his head i fear zimmermans always going to be looking over his shoulder outside jail and inside jail… someone plz tell me will he be restord that right up on him?

    • Alan_T

      Pock , if Mr . Zimmerman is aquitted , then there would be no legal reason for his 2
      nd Ammendment rights not to be restored .

      • pock

        thank you sir …i just thought that would be an injustice

  • mark

    hay that the boy who sale drug. it was self defense zimmerman was to back off so he did now. the trayvon boy feel he a big boy so he went up to zimmerman to fight him because zimmerman back down. so the big boy think he's can him down. and why put a picture 5 year's old put a new picture. don't put baby picture.

    • dhurdle

      Can you please re-post this in English ?

  • Jeepers Creepers

    Where is Zimmerman today? His injuries where not severe enough to justify the shooting. If he gets off without being found guilty of second degree murder then this is another police cover up.I read the Florida state law word for word at least three times. There is one word in the law that states the whole Zimmerman case and why it is second degree murder. (Can you spot that important "word" and do you understand it's meaning). Laws are made to protect people not to be used for a cover up at re-election time.

    • Alan_T

      Jeepers , that is supposition on your part , you don't have any more knowledge than the rest of us about what happened . How do you KNOW his injuries where not severe enough ? Gageing from that Y – shaped gash on the back of his head , I'm guessing his injuries WERE sever enough , but I , unlike you , am not God , so I don't know . With your attitude , why even bother with a trial , since YOU have already found Mr . Zimmerman guilty , why not just lynch him ? And your statement , " Laws are made to protect people not to be used for a cover up at re-election time. " doesn't make any sense . What law is being used for a cover up ? Or a cover up for who ?

  • Gary B

    I have a CCW and support anyone who wants to protect themselves or their family. That being said, why is no one questioning a neighborhood watch being armed? He is not the police and should be in groups of at least two on patrol.

  • mike

    of course, there is the fact that Florida has had a long tradition of killing people of color for little , or no good reason. if Zimmerman was white, the KKK would be handling his defense costs. the more things change, the more they stay the same.

    • pock

      wow the kkk really… how about the threats the blackpanthers has made to the man? no one in the officials has made any comments or even try to bring them on charges for setting up a bounty on his head no ones say anything on that?

  • Al Brady

    Mike, if you could tell your reasoned thoughts instead of just venom spitting, you'd get more folks to listen to your whole burst.

  • Birdhunter

    I think if another person throws you head into the concrete, then that is a threat to your life. Considering that your brain is what makes you alive. The whole Taryvon, Zimmermann case is a tragedy for both families. I do think Trayvon was up to no good and Zimmermann was perhaps a little over zellous in finding out what Trayvon was up to. However I do believe in the stand you ground law and I think Zimmermann was well within the law. My question is, should you ask the age of the person before you pull out your gun? I think not.

    • pock

      i dont think the stand your ground is going to be his defense cause he wasnt in his house or in his truck and its kinda iffy you have a ccw to carry but your also the captain of the watch group or security i dont think he was suppose to be carrying when hes performing such dutys but again when u have a ccw its cause your going to carry at all times ….you see theres some contradictary there alone im not sure … hes not an arm security guard unless he works for homeland security so see its a toss up for me maybe some one can tell me other wise or inlighten me if im incorrect please….feel free to educate me i see him using self defense but i still cant see that beeing helpful either??????

  • Nc TIM

    I think hollywood and gangster should take some of the blame. When I seen someone with a goody over their head it says to me this person may be dangerous. What was the temperature that night was it cold enoght to cover your face and head to look like a gang member? Cation young people don't dress and act like a hollywood and gang member, its not cool, it is stupid!!!!!!!!!

    • pock

      well yeah the temp was a bit chillie for fla and it was raining and of course mr martin had a hoodie but he probably had his pants halfway down to his knees you kno the ganster mentality….. i just dont get your question…i guess were going to blame everything on hollywood im guessing on the pants thing all these jits or kids weather black white or brown wear there pants that way ….

  • Gerardo70

    Aquí en peru los sicarios en trujillo son niños como ese muchacho no siempre la cara bonita significa que es inofensivo pudo ser un asecino …

    • pock

      hes just saying the baby face dont mean squat hes a wolf hiding in sheeps clothing in other words sometimes looks could be decieving……

  • Nc TIM


  • Twatts

    Zimmerman is a coward for shooting an unarmed boy use deadly force as needed Plus Zimmerman has a past he has been arrested and charged with domestic violence and shouldn't have had a gun on him on the first place.bottom line is duck the race Shit look at the facts of the case a 250 pound armed man against a 150 pound unarmed boy that was supposedly on top of him banging his head against the sidewalk but the angle of three gunshot is a downward angle which means Zimmerman was on top and in control of the fight that he started because the police clearly told him in the 911 call not to fallow him and to wait for the police

    • Alan_T

      You clearly know nothing about trajectory and are making up facts to suit your political agenda , just as " The Brady Bunch " include 25 year – old gang – bangers as " children " .

  • Nc TIM

    QUIT being racial and saying things that may or may not be true! You could at least say something constructive or informative.

  • shaxx78

    Why are they using this old outdated photo when he was thirteen. Here is the real culprit.

    • Marc

      That still shows a picture of a kid, genius! show your picture!

  • pock

    must be careful how and what you say here depending on the 911 tape that you heard from msnbc or cbs or foxnews or cnn you most likely got the racial mindwashing they doctrined up.. we must leave it to the justice system and forget about colors for once and look at it as an opened minded crime scene look over the facts of what transpired before this all happened ….the nights before the whole neighborhood was in turmoil being terrorized by break ins and robberys not bringing in color and obvious the deceased wasnt from the area cause if not people would have claimed that they know who mister martin is now im not saying he was wrong for being there but he wasnt a residence there…so would the doctrin law applyed to him i dont think so and i dont think the doctrin law applies to zimmerman either …. by the doctrin law i meant stand your ground… so we want to blame g.z and we also want to make this young man the problem of it all ….. but the truth is were just speculating from what the medias told us lets let it ride let it play itself theres more here than meets the eye and bringing up racial commentsits not helping the situation and by doing so were really showing our true colors

  • shwan239

    I was just on this site looking up CC guns but this is a problem I've seen in alot of gun owners. Overly aggresive gun oweners, its very clear that Zimmerman persued Martin. Every person on here knows how wrong that was, CPL/CCW doen't make you the police. I'm glad to see that ever one here is color blind but saying that race doen't come into play when there is a confrintation between two people is like saying my 15 year old kids won't do drugs because there my kids.

    I guess if you lose a fight you have the right to shot somebody.

  • planetrock

    Its cold and snowy here. Im 5-10 and 215 lbs. When I go out, I'm wearing a hoodie because it's a warm garment with pockets-so it's very convenient. I am black though, so I may be a gang member, thug, thief, etc. huh? Or maybe I have NEVER SEEN the inside of a jail, NEVER been arrested- for anything, and maybe, just maybe if I was being followed by a strange man in a vehicle while I am on foot, I would finally confront this person BEFORE he finds out where I live -since I wouldn't know his motive. That a grown man HARASSED another man (who has a RIGHT to go anywhere on PUBLIC property that doesnt expressly prohibit him- RIGHT?), then wound up getting his @ss handed to him so bad that he had to use a gun -to stop a fistfight (?)-speaks volumes to the mentality of Mr. Zimmer. He was a member of neighborhood W-A-T-C-H. He's supposed to watch and report to police should a CRIME be committed (none committed-RIGHT?) His title and his gun gave him the feeling of having bigger b@11s than he really had (as a gun so often does). I believe he shot out of humiliation and fear. If he is aquitted, he might want to leave the country or get a really good neighborhood WATCH because they are putting an expiration date on him.

    • 7541west

      You are wrong on all accounts….and you are probably as big a racist as Mr. Zimmerman could EVER be…but hey what do we expect from someone like you because you are obviously a bigot. End of story everything you say is tainted by your racist attitude. Hater is your name….blaming is your game!

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