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Are Your Favorite Celebrities Licensed to Carry?

by Dylan Polk   |  June 6th, 2013 14

More often than not, gun owners are bombarded with the logical fallacy of appeal to celebrity, as movie stars, athletes and socialites take to the blogosphere to denounce the so-called evil of firearm ownership, disconnecting themselves from reality.

Despite the many airheads spouting nonsense on the Web, there are still plenty of celebrities who support the right of Americans to own and carry a firearm—some doing so themselves. Here’s a look at a few celebrities licensed to carry guns.

  • BJC

    Any and every person who is against gun ownership and the right to defend ones self is anti American. As far as I’m concerned if you don’t believe in the principals this country was founded on you can just leave and go live somewhere else.

    • tes1900

      I disagree:

      There are plenty of Americans that are against gun
      ownership, and that is their right. But when they try to push their beliefs on
      to me and make be follows their beliefs that is where we cross horns, because
      it is my RIGHT as an American to own

    • Higher IQ

      You sir are an ignorant asshole probably from the south or somewhere in the sticks

      • Higher IQ luvs Obama

        But he is MORE likely to be your NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOR way up North in Bedwetter Grove….

        “Higher IQ”, it’s left wing bedwetters like you that drool the same old stereotypical comments impressed in your single digit IQ from a progressive public school. You’re a typical anti-gun nut trolling for a chance to make a stupid comment like you did.

        If that isn’t the definition of “ignorant” as you have drooled, then I don’t know what is.

      • tes1900

        Please explain; how does a persons location have anything to do with their beliefs, or lack of them?

  • Some Rabbit

    Both Lady Gaga and Hayden Panetteire have been seen on the shooting range.

  • Pernell Rodocker

    I was getting my CC renewed and I ran into “HULK HOGAN”… He was applying for his too! “True Story”… PR (I wrote an article on the net)

  • AngelDecoys

    Alton Brown from the food network also has a permit and carries. If i recall, he favors a full size 1911

  • breamfisher

    Donald Trump does favor a ban on “assault weapons” and is in favor of longer waiting periods.

    • Ravi32

      that is kind of the point. DE Niro has weapons, including a license to carry in NYC (which is extremely rare and gotten only with political connections) and he doesn’t ant others to have the same protection and safety he has.
      And Trump not only has a license, he also has full time armed guards.’
      The issue is the hypocrisy of Trump and De Niro

    • Carl Pallini

      who cares? They’re wrong.

  • David Foss

    Nice to see a few celebrities that don’t act like fools in every day life, like Jim Carey!!!!!! Very refreshing!!!!! People with brains!!

  • Jabari Hunt

    Steven Seagal is an avid 1911 shooter…

  • tes1900

    Never really liked 1911’s myself, they just never felt right in my hand.
    I’ll take my $300, HK P2000 in 40 S&W any day of the week – it’s so sweet!

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