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Handguns & Defensive Weapons TV Premieres on Sportsman Channel

by Handguns Online Staff 0

From handguns to long guns, covering tactics and competition and everything in-between – enter the new world of popular series… more »


At the Range: Smith & Wesson Model 929 Performance Center Miculek Revolver

by Handguns Online Staff 8

Jerry Miculek has long been a revered name in competitive shooting, and the new Smith & Wesson Model 929 Performance… more »


Personal Defense TV: Jessie Duff’s Tips for Maximizing Range Time

by Personal Defense TV 2

All too often folks go to the range without a plan in mind and end up wasting precious time and… more »


Personal Defense TV: Sport vs. Street Tactics

by Personal Defense TV 1

Many shooters use competition to enhance their skills in self-defense scenarios. While both disciplines of shooting have correlating similarities, defensive situations… more »

Nick Mowrer

Olympic 50m Free Pistol Recap

by J. Scott Rupp 0

It’s been more than half a century since the USA won a medal in 50m Free Pistol, the ultimate precision… more »

Emil Milev

Olympic 25m Rapid Fire Pistol Recap

by J. Scott Rupp 0

How would you like to set a world record, lead the field by four points and find yourself on the… more »


The Lengendary El Presidente Shooting Drill

by James Tarr 3

The universe of handguns owners and shooters is vast, and there is a very good chance that many of you… more »

Sandra Uptagrafft

Olympic Sport Pistol Recap

by J. Scott Rupp 0

The finals of the 25m Sport Pistol event provided some of the best drama of the pistol shooting disciplines thus… more »

Daryl Szarenski

Olympic Air Pistol Recap

by J. Scott Rupp 0

The Men’s 10m Air Pistol event showcased how important it is to be able to turn in a good 10-shot… more »

Hornady ammo plant reloader and accessories

Hornady Plans Auction to Benefit HAVA

by J. Scott Rupp 0

Hornady Manufacturing is offering an opportunity to bid on the second of only two unique Zombie Max™ Ammo Plants in… more »

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