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Ted’s Own Words On “The Alaska Incident”

by Bart Skelton   |  April 27th, 2012 18

If you haven’t heard all the recent chatter about Ted Nugent, you’re likely living in a hovel in the far reaches of Siberia. As a result of his highly outspoken views in support of freedom, the Second Amendment, and the American way of life in general, Ted has been persecuted by many.


I have a number of things in common with Ted, as many of us do. I love music, guitars, and firearms, especially the 10mm automatic – Ted’s all-time favorite pistol cartridge. I caught up with Ted at his Mescalero, New Mexico concert the other night and had the chance to discuss with him a few of the recent issues regarding his alleged actions in Alaska, along with a few other subjects. The following are quotes from Ted regarding some of the issues, particularly the bear hunting incident in Alaska resulting in him being charged with the illegal harvest of a black bear:


Why did you plead guilty in the Alaska case?


TN: “Just like in California, to fight the corrupt system would have bankrupted me, taken me away from my life support careers for God knows how long, and I don’t trust our court system. This Alaska charge was an unintentional technical violation of an unprecedented, never-before-heard of law, only in the southeast region of Alaska, where if your bullet or arrow shows any sign of hitting a bear, then your tag is invalidated. I still can’t find anyone who has ever heard of such a regulation, even amongst lifetime Alaska resident hunters, guides and outfitters, even the judge in Ketchikan stated on record during the court hearing that he had never heard of such a law. I was blindsided by this, and to my knowledge, the only person to ever be charged under this bizarre regulation.”


Did you have a blood trail on the first bear? How long did you look for it?


TN: “Yes, a minimal bloodtrail. My son and I, as always, searched diligently for many hours, even days. When we reviewed the tape in stop action, we realized that the arrow had actually glanced off the rib and not penetrated the animal. The animal was not hurt and certainly not killed.”


Did you know that Alaska had a law that stated that wounded equals a filled tag?


TN: “No. I’ve hunted for 60 years, 35 years in Alaska, and everyone knows that the universal tagging law everywhere has always been; “upon taking possession of the animal the tag must be applied.” This new, unprecedented regulation exists only in this southeast area of Alaska. I cannot find anyone who has ever heard of this rule.”


Will you hunt in Alaska again?


TN: “Absolutely, I love Alaska and the great people and hunting there.”


What do you have to say to the hunters who are now calling you a poacher?


TN:I was raised to obey all laws, and I have throughout my life. I have never hunted without all the proper licenses, tags, permits, making certain I use the legal weapon, legal arrowhead, legal ammo, legal orange in the proper region. I have never hunted out of season or illegally after dark, nor have I ever knowingly broken any of the indescribable, outrageous volumes of strange, arbitrary, illogical, capricious game laws that exist. I am not a poacher, and people who claim that I am are small minded, shallow haters. My critics are mostly jealous because I am my own boss and have created an amazing quality of life for my family and myself through incredible hard work and dedication. You find someone who has a problem with me and you’re looking at an ignorant, cheap person. My supporters are legion, and the finest Americans there are. I am constantly invited to take terminally ill children on their last hunts, and to host the heroic wounded warriors of the US Military on hunting trips around the world. The absolute best of the best are on my side, so my detractors are exposed for the fools that they are. I couldn’t feel better about my real reputation and position in life.”

  • roger

    i live in ak and they have the same law that he was accused of on kodiak island. if you hit a bear and are unable to recover, a kodiak brown bear, for most a once in a lifetime draw tag, thats your animal. i was lucky enough to join in on a hunt last year and while at the local fish and game office an out of state hunter with his guide were reporting that they had hit, but could not locate the animal and was closing out his tag. i like ted, i agree with some of what he speaks, but this law is not specific to southeast. he says he is always up to speed on all aspects of a hunt area, i guess he wasnt. i will say, the ak regs are extremely difficult to understand, but everyday people figure it out every year.

    • armd

      PJB where do you live?

  • Bob

    Ted seems incapable of telling the truth. He was not convicted of the AK wounding law. Ted was convicted of a Lacey Act violation. He's trying to divert attention to the FACTS. It's not his first violation of game laws and his unwillingness to accept responsibility for knowing the laws where he chooses to hunt speaks volumes about his respect for wildlife or the law or his character. Tell the truth Ted. He's a poor representative of hunters, gun owners or patriots. Pathetic.

  • ken

    I have to disagree with you Bob. Ted has spent his life promoting hunting and shooting sports. He is over the top at times, but has done a great deal for our sport and donated thousands of dollars to it, to fight the anti gun idiots.

  • PJB/

    Mr. Nugent is something of a pathetic personality. A 'musician' of extremely marginal knowledge and skills who, nearly half a century ago, was a member of a band called The Amboy Dukes. They didn't last long, understandably. He's merely a 3-chord banger, and he knows it. This is why he essentially gave up trying to make a real career in making relevant and real music and, through childish and clown-like actions, inserted himself into tragicomic political posturing in order to try to stay relevant. No real, thinking America even listens to him – he is dismissed out-of-hand as being exactly what he is – a clown, a blabber-mouth, a poser. Hi is incapable _utterly_ of admitting that he might be mistaken, or of listening to different points of view. There is a word for people like that – sociopathic.

    And on a more important note, he has shown many times that he has an obsession with underage females – and when I say underage, I'm not talking about 16, 17 years old. No, Ted likes 'em REAL young – like 13. All you have to do is read the 'lyrics', if they can be called that, to a song called 'Jail Bait'. A Google search will easily turn them up. There are several other of his 'songs' that are of a similar nature – Nugent pleading with an early teenager to grant him sexual favors. And this is the guy that takes young people of all ages on hunting trips so they can kill something before they themselves die. Is this someone you would want to have spend time with YOUR child? Personally, I wouldn't allow him in my home. And I'm a sportsman. Sadly, he is an aging, never-has-been – trying desperately to be relevant for the first time in his life. I believe he is a barely-functioning sociopath, and would wager that he longs for the time when someone takes a step onto his property so he can shoot them. Nugent loves to kill, period. He says it's for the meat and wildlife management…very handy excuses for exercising his true love – killing. NOTHING he says can be taken seriously and, thankfully, it isn't, by the vast majority of right-thinking Americans – only his little band of ditto-heads, which he needs so desperately. The one thing Nugent fears more than anything (and he's scared of a LOT – he's afraid to leave his home for a trip to the grocery store without a few guns shoved down his pants) – is lack of attention. It's death to him. Hence, the clown image and outrageous, absurd statements. Thankfully, he and his ilk are a fast-dying breed. People that refuse to change with the times are doomed to live in the past, which eliminates the possibility of adapting to a country that is constantly changing. Buh Bye, Ted.

    • Randy Kowalski

      WOW PJB…. Obviously your definition of " 'musician' of extremely marginal knowledge and skills" differs with the fact of his ability to SUCCESSFULLY market himself to the tune of millions of dollars a year. Also obvious is the fact that you don't know Ted and are blinded by your ignorance of the facts. I don't believe for a minute that you are a Sportsman, just a bitter, liberal sissy hiding behind the cloak of anonymity. BTW, WE are not a dying breed…. watch, as you and your liberal/socialist ilk, are booted from the political horizen this fall. Try growing a Pair you sissy.
      PJs……."That Others May Live"

    • Bruce

      You should aspire to be more like him. It would really do you some good. I think maybe he would want to see all the libel you have posted. I surely hope you have all the proof you need to back up the Sex charges.

    • abrams atwo

      ur a “DICK”

  • Rick

    PJB, yes America will be different when you Socialist Thugs take over. You are incapable of making a valid argument. So you must attack him personally. I 'm sure you would love to run the camps where Ted and people like him can be placed.

  • John B. Thayer

    Guess you must not be one of the "Nuge's" biggest fans.

  • Barry Hirsh

    Too many laws, anyway.

    It's by design. You can now walk down the street doing everything you used to do legally, and be guilty of some deliberately arcane federal law. And it is not limited to federal laws, as we now see.

    This whole thing is BS, and Nugent is a target for his political views.


  • Mark

    I believe Stranglehold has a bit more guitar work in it than a "3 chord banger" could achieve….

    • rastus

      Yep listen to Stranglehold… And you have to admit "Uncle Ted" can play!!

  • Carlos

    There is one thing I do not get, if you do not like TN, why bother getting in a lather ? Badmouthing him for what reason ?
    He is My friend, and he does not go around violating game laws.

  • Wayne

    People like PJB are whats wrong in our society. PJB needs his mommy.

  • Wayne

    Perhaps Bob with all his knowledge can elaborate with what he knows about what he claims TN was really charged with and what laws he broke.

  • John

    I never even here of this Ted guy, but it seems that people are going after his views and values. That's perrty F-up; grow up.

  • Fonda

    Why is it that when my neighbors get drunk and start shooting in the house that one cop has to handle the situation when 2 miles away three cops spend hours ticketing a 13 year old on his dirt bike? Remember the Sheriff of Nottingham? Ted is our modern day Robin Hood and we should support him. I do accept his flaws as Robin was smart enough to hunt deer not bear with his bow.

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