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Ted’s Own Words On “The Alaska Incident”

by Bart Skelton   |  April 27th, 2012 18

If you haven’t heard all the recent chatter about Ted Nugent, you’re likely living in a hovel in the far reaches of Siberia. As a result of his highly outspoken views in support of freedom, the Second Amendment, and the American way of life in general, Ted has been persecuted by many.


I have a number of things in common with Ted, as many of us do. I love music, guitars, and firearms, especially the 10mm automatic – Ted’s all-time favorite pistol cartridge. I caught up with Ted at his Mescalero, New Mexico concert the other night and had the chance to discuss with him a few of the recent issues regarding his alleged actions in Alaska, along with a few other subjects. The following are quotes from Ted regarding some of the issues, particularly the bear hunting incident in Alaska resulting in him being charged with the illegal harvest of a black bear:


Why did you plead guilty in the Alaska case?


TN: “Just like in California, to fight the corrupt system would have bankrupted me, taken me away from my life support careers for God knows how long, and I don’t trust our court system. This Alaska charge was an unintentional technical violation of an unprecedented, never-before-heard of law, only in the southeast region of Alaska, where if your bullet or arrow shows any sign of hitting a bear, then your tag is invalidated. I still can’t find anyone who has ever heard of such a regulation, even amongst lifetime Alaska resident hunters, guides and outfitters, even the judge in Ketchikan stated on record during the court hearing that he had never heard of such a law. I was blindsided by this, and to my knowledge, the only person to ever be charged under this bizarre regulation.”


Did you have a blood trail on the first bear? How long did you look for it?


TN: “Yes, a minimal blood trail. My son and I, as always, searched diligently for many hours, even days. When we reviewed the tape in stop action, we realized that the arrow had actually glanced off the rib and not penetrated the animal. The animal was not hurt and certainly not killed.”


Did you know that Alaska had a law that stated that wounded equals a filled tag?


TN: “No. I’ve hunted for 60 years, 35 years in Alaska, and everyone knows that the universal tagging law everywhere has always been; “upon taking possession of the animal the tag must be applied.” This new, unprecedented regulation exists only in this southeast area of Alaska. I cannot find anyone who has ever heard of this rule.”


Will you hunt in Alaska again?


TN: “Absolutely, I love Alaska and the great people and hunting there.”


What do you have to say to the hunters who are now calling you a poacher?


TN:I was raised to obey all laws, and I have throughout my life. I have never hunted without all the proper licenses, tags, permits, making certain I use the legal weapon, legal arrowhead, legal ammo, legal orange in the proper region. I have never hunted out of season or illegally after dark, nor have I ever knowingly broken any of the indescribable, outrageous volumes of strange, arbitrary, illogical, capricious game laws that exist. I am not a poacher, and people who claim that I am are small minded, shallow haters. My critics are mostly jealous because I am my own boss and have created an amazing quality of life for my family and myself through incredible hard work and dedication. You find someone who has a problem with me and you’re looking at an ignorant, cheap person. My supporters are legion, and the finest Americans there are. I am constantly invited to take terminally ill children on their last hunts, and to host the heroic wounded warriors of the US Military on hunting trips around the world. The absolute best of the best are on my side, so my detractors are exposed for the fools that they are. I couldn’t feel better about my real reputation and position in life.”

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