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A First Look at the Kimber Solo

by Bart Skelton 15

It’s true that I’m fond of all sorts of handguns, but I have a particular fondness for little guns, especially… more »


Happy Birthday, Sam Colt!

by Bart Skelton 2

Happy birthday, Samuel Colt! The father of the single action revolver was born 198 years ago today.   The story… more »

1908 001

Great Old Pistol, Great New Leather

by Bart Skelton 3

One of my all-time favorite .380 automatic pistols is the Colt 1908 Model. This fine little gun was Colt’s follow-up to… more »


To Cast a Good Bullet

by Bart Skelton 1

I don’t have a distinct recollection of the first time I reloaded a cartridge – it’s been a long time… more »

This was my dad's Deaf Smith County Sheriff's badge, along with his S&W snubbie. The snubnose has "Charles A. Skelton, *Sheriff*, Deaf Smith County" engraved on the backstrap.

What’s Your Hideout Gun?

by Bart Skelton 69

Start talking about what handgun is best for a backup or hideout and chances are a fight will break out…. more »

While not a first generation model, U.S. Firearms offers a modern Sheriff's Model available in a variety of configurations.

The Sheriff’s Model

by Bart Skelton 1

Variety is certainly the spice of life, and that holds true when it comes to firearms. I’ve admired a lot… more »


Ted’s Own Words On “The Alaska Incident”

by Bart Skelton 18

If you haven’t heard all the recent chatter about Ted Nugent, you’re likely living in a hovel in the far… more »

New Service S&S

Colt New Service

by Bart Skelton 11

I’ve long been a fan of the Colt New Service revolver for a number of reasons. Not only were they… more »


Pancho Villa’s Legacy

by Bart Skelton 5

They came in in two columns – one from the southeast, and one from the southwest. There were somewhere around… more »

New Frontier 008

Colt Reintroduces The New Frontier Revolver

by Bart Skelton 9

Fans of the Colt Single Action Army revolver will be familiar with the Flattop Target Model. This revolver was Colt’s… more »

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