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Holder’s Brainwashing Scheme

by J. Scott Rupp   |  March 19th, 2012 5

Eric Holder in 1995 C-Span clipSo if you think presidential elections don’t matter, check out what Attorney General Eric Holder—the man hired by President Obama to be America’s top cop—wanted to do back in 1995: Enlist Hollywood to help him brainwash people against guns. Remember that come November.


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    Get real and into this decade! This is 2012! Not 1995!

  • JoeHBro

    If you we do not understand history, we are doomed to repeat it… Plus, politicians are so guarded when they are in positions of real power that you must look to the past to understand how they truly think. For example, if people had paid attention to what Obama had said in the past, instead of focusing on "hope and change," we probably would not be in the mess we are in now. It is likely that if Holder said it back then, he most likely still believes it now, especially given his current policies and actions. This just gives us tangible evidence to see what Holder really thinks and what he really is.

  • Ronnie

    The problem with regulation is that in the government's eyes there's never enough. When the governed delegate their responsibilities (being responsible citizens) to the government, the end result is always loss of rights and control.

  • Joerel

    I don't think this is as extreme as a lot of readers might, he probably should have used a few different words but I believe kids do need to be taught that guns are dangerous. I'm not talking about banning guns, or even about kids who are taught to use guns at a young age that is all well and good and I would encourage that, but in large cities where the only access to guns that kids have is probably going to be illegal, telling them to stay away from those situations and to tell someone about another youngster who is carrying illegally is a good idea. Education replaces fear, what we need isn't more or less gun restriction what we need is an educated population, and when someone proves that they cannot act safely with a firearm, then they should not be allowed to handle one. What would you guys think of restricting rights to a handgun owner after he has an AD? So if a guy like our dealer who shot himself in the hand, obviously proven that he cannot handle guns safely, let's take a time out for you, not forever just for a little while. I'm just spitballing here, but there may be other anwers besides the two extremes of confiscation or complete deregulation.

  • FloridaOD

    Politicians typically come towards the center once in office.
    President Obama in fact had support from many outdoor conservation circles and some gun circles.
    His pick for Department of Interior head a qualified plus.
    Consider the world of Obama and Holder previuos to the White House.As is the case for so many,guns were basically bad.

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