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2011 FBI Violent Crime Stats: Gun Ownership Up/Crime Rates Drop

by James Tarr   |  June 20th, 2012 35

It was twenty or so years ago when one of the Big 3 networks (I think it was ABC) broadcast a made-for-TV movie about what would happen if it was suddenly legal for everyone to not just buy a gun but carry it.


What did they envision happening?  What do you think?  The Wild West, gunfights in the streets, any ridiculous liberal stereotype about redneck-inbred-psychotic gun owners you can think of.  Unfettered by the government, the writers of this televised excrement naturally assumed anyone who wanted to buy (much less carry) a gun was not just crazy but dangerous.  I presume the network thought this to be some sort of a morality play, and green lit the project because at the time there was a new push by gun owners for lawful concealed carry.


Wow, what a difference a few short decades make.


Currently just about every state but Illinois allows concealed carry of one form or another, and about 37 of those states have what I consider rational laws—some version or variation of “shall issue”, where the government has to give you a CCW unless there is a specific reason (criminal record, documented psychiatric problems) not to.


This hasn’t been an overnight phenomenon, but an uphill battle that has taken a long time.  During this legislative fight, gun control advocates have continually warned us that allowing citizens to carry guns would result in more “gun violence”—i.e. more shootings, murders, blah blah blah.  One of the reasons this argument has not been very (if at all) successful is that people can look at the areas of the country with the most restrictive gun laws and see that they, without exception, have the highest crime rates.  Hmmm.


Well, the FBI just put out the 2011 violent crime rates, and lo and behold, violent crime decreased 4 percent in 2011.  Considering how many guns are being sold in this country (NICS checks are at an all time high), and how many states allow concealed carry, no one who is rational could now argue that legally-owned guns or the ability to carry them concealed has anything to do with increasing the rate of violent crime.  In fact, looking at the data, it appears that guns and concealed carry might be causing the crime rate to go down….


What response do the gun-grabbers have to these statistics?  None.  They’re probably waiting for the next random shooting, the next tragedy where they can broadcast their political agenda.


The next time some anti-gunner starts ranting at you, calmly use some of the facts in the above article to shut them down.  They won’t listen to you, because their position is emotion-based, but maybe someone else within earshot, who is on the fence, will walk away a little smarter…..

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